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Nonprofit customers love us.
Our Summer 2020 G2 Customer Satisfaction score is 86.

Considering Abila MIP? They’re a lot harder to love. Abila MIP customers rate their satisfaction a mere 15.

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Sage Intacct for Nonprofits

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Security: Protecting Data Value

Cloud native from day one

Traditionally an on-premises solution, Abila's lack of a native cloud solution has required them to piece together different hosted technologies over the years. The result is inconsistent deployment, challenging upgrades, and difficult and expensive integrations.

Unlike Abila, Sage Intacct was built on a cloud platform from day one. You’ll eliminate complex and costly IT infrastructure, empower a mobile workforce with consistent, anytime, anywhere access, and ensure you’re always using the latest version of the software with automatic upgrades. In addition, open APIs let you utilize best-in-class applications (including fundraising, payroll, and CRMs like Salesforce) while protecting your data.

Moving to Sage Intacct’s cloud platform makes your team more effective and efficient from day one. But don’t just take our word for it. DonorsChoose.org grew its social impact with a 20% increase in efficiency and a 60% shorter monthly close by moving to Sage Intacct.

Learn why nonprofits are moving to the cloud with Sage Intacct.

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Get the real-time visibility and insights you're missing

Sage Intacct's fund accounting solution provides not just real-time reporting to measure performance for financial, operational, and outcome metrics, but built-in capabilities to drill down to the source document. Online-accessible visual dashboards, coupled with tools that highlight areas of focus, will give you insight beyond just numbers on a page. Easily deliver role-based views customized with data that is meaningful to you like expense per person served, donations per volunteer hour, and more--with no IT help needed.

Learn how International Living Future Institute uses personalized dashboards to increase accountability and keep the organization on track with real-time data.

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“Previously, we did all of the institute’s invoicing manually in Excel, re-entered the invoice data separately into both Salesforce and Abila MIP, and then had to do reconciliations to make sure everything was correct across systems. Now, we’re able to produce invoices directly from Sage Intacct, and can effortlessly monitor our A/R agings and send out collections reminders as needed, which has improved the organization’s cash flow.”

Sandy Allen

Controller, International Living Future Institute (ILFI)

Increase finance team efficiency

From revenue recognition to consolidations across multiple currencies, online accounting software for nonprofits must quickly respond to unique needs. That’s why more companies are making the move from Abila MIP accounting software to Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct's native ability to automate finance and management workflows and approvals, coupled with in-house support and no reliance on a third-party solution, will make your financial operations faster, more efficient, and more reliable. You can easily manage grants, programs, and funds, track qualified and non-qualified expenses, and monitor performance and outcome measures.

Learn how Seattle Indian Health Board left their outdated Abila MIP system and increased finance team efficiency by 50%.

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Don't spend hours each month searching for meaningful data

When you replace your Abila MIP accounting software, get ready to slice and dice using dimensions to see a complete picture of performance–including the flexibility to make changes over time. View donations through reports. See entity or location expenses in dashboards. Dimensions support custom fields and can be used to report on what matters most to your organization. Sage Intacct fund accounting software lets you automatically create reports and dashboards showing financial and operational metrics.

Learn how to gain accounting visibility and control with Sage Intacct dimensions.

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The AICPA’s preferred financial management solution

Sage Intacct software for nonprofits is the choice of the experts in accounting. The AICPA, which sets accounting standards for the profession, acknowledged Sage Intacct as the preferred provider of financial applications after a thorough review of software providers.