Replacing Abila MIP with Sage Intacct Cloud Solution

The better alternative to MIP accounting software for nonprofits

Sage Intacct helps nonprofit CFOs access integrated financial and operational reports across their entities – in minutes, not days – to maximize the impact of their stewardship. Sage Intacct is the step up from MIP accounting software that provides configurable automation to help your finance team keep pace with changing requirements for transaction tracking, internal controls, and reporting.

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Achieve greater efficiency

From revenue recognition to reporting, online accounting software for nonprofits must quickly respond to unique needs. That’s why more companies are making the move from Abila MIP accounting software to Sage Intacct. Now you can make your financial operations faster and more efficient, thanks to Sage Intacct’s ability to automate finance and management workflows and approvals. You can easily manage grants, programs, and funds, track qualified and non-qualified expenses, and monitor performance and outcome measures.

New dashboards without the extra software or IT support

Nonprofits need to be vigilant. With Sage Intacct fund accounting solutions, stakeholders and finance teams at nonprofit organizations stay focused on what matters, even as the mission evolves. Quickly deliver online-accessible visual dashboards, allowing for drill down to the source metrics that matter. Easily deliver role-based views on expense per person served, donations per volunteer hour, and more—with no IT help needed.

Combine fund finances and operational metrics

When you replace your MIP accounting software solution, get ready to slice and dice using dimensions to see a complete picture of performance – without the spreadsheet headaches. View donations through reports. See entity or location expenses in dashboards. Sage Intacct fund accounting software lets you automatically create reports and dashboards showing financial and operational metrics.

Cloud native from day one

Unlike Abila MIP fund accounting software, Sage Intacct is built from the ground up to fully embrace the advantages of the cloud. Save on IT costs, enjoy unsurpassed flexibility, sidestep the headaches of software maintenance, and rest assured knowing your financial system is secure.

The AICPA’s preferred financial management solution

Sage Intacct software for nonprofits is the choice of the experts in accounting. The AICPA, which sets accounting standards for the profession, acknowledged Sage Intacct as the preferred provider of financial applications after a thorough review of software providers.

With Sage Intacct, we have a true cloud system that streamlines our financial processes and gives a wide variety of people in our organization real-time visibility into key financial metrics from anywhere.
Jennifer Sharp
Senior Accounting Manager