Accounting Software for Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Gain real-time visibility into campaign financials

Growing digital marketing and advertising agencies must carefully map their growth while controlling expenses. But when you lack real-time visibility into budget vs. actual at the project, campaign, and department levels, you can’t make timely decisions to minimize or prevent cost overruns and position your agency to invest smartly in the future.

Let Sage Intacct cloud-based accounting software automate finance and accounting operations and reduce the number of hours you spend trapped in spreadsheet-based tasks. With Sage Intacct, you see your entire services business across clients, campaign and project costs, revenue by employee, and more—not in monthly reports, but anytime, anywhere on personalized dashboards. That means you can bid more accurately on campaigns and projects, become more transparent with clients, avoid cost overruns, and increase profitability.

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Project Accounting
Sage Intacct Accelerates Quote to Cash for Project-Based Companies

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Automate project accounting

Are you wrestling with multiple instances of QuickBooks for each entity or contending with painful Excel rollups? Or are you stuck with outdated on-premises software like Microsoft Great Plains, forcing you to hire a consultant every time you need to make small changes? There’s a better way. Use Sage Intacct project accounting for unprecedented productivity. Eliminate delays and redundant data entry by automatically setting up projects from your CRM system. Expedite time entry and approvals. Automatically map vendor invoices to individual campaigns and projects. Streamline the purchasing process with insertion orders and accelerate AP processing cycles. Improve billing and invoicing accuracy and timeliness.

Smarter project billing

For digital marketing and advertising agencies, it’s a constant manual struggle to quickly generate accurate, granular invoices for each client, based on the types of projects (e.g. time and materials, fixed fee, or milestones), who worked the projects, and when the work was completed. In addition, you need to manage the revenue recognition schedule, which is separate from the billing schedule. Instead of delayed and inaccurate invoices – and dissatisfied customers – turn to Sage Intacct cloud-based accounting software for automated project billing that’s fast and easy. From anywhere at any time, your billable employees and project managers can enter and approve hours worked, remove redundant data, and eliminate manual custom invoices. The Sage Intacct solution simplifies project billing workflow across finance and operations. What’s more, you gain the time and visibility you need to think strategically and see which projects and client types are most profitable for your agency.

Streamline multi-entity consolidation

As your agency expands into more regions, service offerings, or partnerships, you need the simplicity to consolidate multiple entities instantly with the flexibility to slice and dice the data across entities. With Sage Intacct, you can automatically create multi-entity consolidations with a single click, saving hours of time and frustration. At any time, you can analyze campaign data across entities and make timely decisions. Close the books faster and view interim summary figures at any time. Your financial statements are ready when you are.

The cloud advantage

With Sage Intacct's cloud-based accounting solution, your staff can log in from any browser, on any device, to enter time and expenses, view tasks, and track projects. Plus, you can easily connect multiple best-in-class systems like CRM through APIs with proven partners in the Sage Intacct Marketplace, so you can automate the flow of data from one system to the next. Sage Intacct is the flexible solution that scales with the growth of your agency.

Better transparency for clients

The World Federation of Advertisers estimates that 90 percent of advertisers are reviewing contracts and demanding greater accountability. How will you respond? Sage Intacct helps you share accurate information with clients on retainer balances, invoices, fee allocations, media spend, and more at any time.

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Visibility is where we’ve recognized the biggest gains from switching to Sage Intacct—its drill-down capabilities are like night and day compared with Dynamics, and we love Sage Intacct’s permissions-based dashboards. I save days of report preparation each month because we’ve created helpful self-service dashboards where our executives, client services team, and department heads can find relevant, timely business insight on demand.
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Red Door Interactive