• Sage Intelligent Time

    A new era in time entry with an AI-powered virtual time assistant that revolutionizes timesheets.

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The Only AI-Powered Time Entry System

Unprecedented speed and accuracy for timesheets

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AI and the Future of Financial Management


Sage Intacct for Project Managers

AI-powered timesheets—simpler, faster, better

AI-powered timesheets built into Sage Intacct Financials provide continuous, accurate, and complete insights to profitably manage your service business. The Time Assistant helps your professional team ensure they account for all of their work, including unplanned activities that can be easily forgotten. With Sage Intelligent Time, your team’s time entry is always fast and accurate.

  • Use AI to reconstruct the work week across multiple projects to capture every billable moment
  • Recover up to $10,000* in annual billable time per employee typically lost to human error
    *assumes an hour per week is recovered at $200/hr billing rate
  • Get accurate project costing to improve estimates of future projects


Smarter timesheet management

With Sage Intelligent Time your finance team can focus on preparing invoices, reviewing key metrics, and closing the books. No more hounding the professional staff for late timesheets, or painstaking time entry reviews looking for errors. Sage Intelligent Time can automatically alert your team of late or rejected time entry, and the Time Assistant helps drive timesheet accuracy no matter how long it takes your team to complete their timesheet.

  • Increase cash flow with faster billing cycles and accurate invoices
  • Eliminate reconciliation issues you get with disconnected time entry systems
  • Free professionals from soul-crushing timesheets and finance from playing timesheet cop


Timesheet management anytime, anywhere

The mobile application for Sage Intelligent Time works for both Android and Iphone. It’s sleek design is built for the mobile interface and allows your team to complete their timesheet while waiting in line for coffee. The timesheet application delivers all the same capabilities of the Time Assistant, putting the power of AI in the palm of your team’s hand.

  • Mobile application for Android and iPhone for access on most common devices
  • Time entry and approval capabilities encourage high productivity for busy teams
  • Easy-to-use timesheets help to drive faster time entry with less drudgery