• Considering Acumatica?

    Sage Intacct’s multi-tenant SaaS solution will make you reconsider.


Sage Intacct provides accounting capabilities that finance leaders care about

Sage Intacct is a true cloud solution

True cloud means more than just accessing software through a browser. It means a single, cloud-based deployment option. It means everyone is on the same version, and customers don’t incur additional costs to upgrade to new releases.

Acumatica supports multiple versions and multiple deployment options. This is not true cloud. Ask Acumatica how many versions and deployment options they support, and whether customers pay for upgrade services.

Sage Intacct’s per user pricing supports growth

Sage Intacct’s straightforward pricing model allows customers to grow without counting transactions. This allows you to be worry-free and ready for growth.

Acumatica’s pricing is confusing and does not support growth. Acumatica requires companies to estimate their Commercial Transaction Volume and ERP Transaction Volume to determine pricing. What happens if you get it wrong? What if your volumes increase? Ask Acumatica if they can determine how much you’ll pay when you grow.

Our customers love us

  • TrustRadius named Sage Intacct a Top Rated solution for 2020, and awarded us the TRUE vendor designation. Acumatica is not Top Rated or a TRUE vendor.
  • We are #1 in Customer Satisfaction according to G2.
  • We are highly rated in Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” report. Acumatica is not listed.

“Sage Intacct frees me up to be a better partner to the C-Suite. I’m able to get into analysis for strategic planning rather than just managing tactical financial processes because the team can handle those now without me. And that’s removed a tremendous burden for me”

Barbara Harris

CFO, Pathway Lending

Analysts recognize us

For the 4th year in a row, Sage Intacct has received the highest score in Core Financials for the Lower Midsize Enterprises Use Case in Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities Report.

Acumatica is unranked.

Sage Intacct provides best-in-class integration

As a best-in-class financial management solution, Sage Intacct was built from the ground up to integrate with other best-in-class solutions such as Salesforce. Our open APIs make interacting with data not only possible, but simple. We take care that our product upgrades don’t break custom integrations and solutions.

Acumatica integrations can break during upgrades. Acumatica partners are responsible for maintaining integrations on a customer-by-customer basis, incurring potential additional costs and headaches.

Sage Intacct uses a modern account structure

Our General Ledger account structure – the foundation for any financial management system – allows for a streamlined chart of accounts, with unlimited dimensions. This makes analysis, reporting, and drill down faster and easier than systems that use an old-school, segmented chart of accounts.

Acumatica uses a legacy-style, segmented chart of accounts with only two dimensions. Additional tags can be applied to transactions, but with limited drill-down capability. Ask Acumatica if you can drill down on transactions that include tags.

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