The ultimate goal of any business is to grow responsibly. Unfortunately, when expansion occurs, many companies outgrow their software. This is especially true in accounting. So, when choosing any financial management solution, it's best not only to look for something that fits now, but a solution that will ultimately fuel growth as well.

If your company is beginning to outgrow its current accounting solution, and needs a kick to really get it going, then it's time to start browsing options. To find software that's fuel and not a farce, though, you will have to consider a variety of key components of best-in-class, cloud ERP applications.

1. Does the application support multi-system integration?
Upgrading to new software of any kind could end up being a setback if integration is difficult. You're looking for less work and more growth, not the other way around! Look for an application that plays well with the other programs that you use, or even eliminates the need for some of them altogether. The fewer programs your business utilizes—and the better the ones that work together are—the more efficient it will be. Custom integration options offered by Intacct ensure that the application operates smoothly with all the others you have in place.

2. Does it offer 360-degree, real-time business metrics?
Many applications tout the data they offer, but to really fuel growth you'll need a system that offers every metric you could imagine in a single place. A one-stop-shop for all the important information you need will help make decision-making fast and efficient. Intacct, for example, is the lone mid-market cloud financial application that provides users with accurate depictions of business and operational metrics from any angle, with any configuration, to help drive fast and smart decision-making.

3. Can the application evolve with the business?
If you want your business to grow, then a cash management solution that simply fits it now won't do. You're looking for software that fuels growth, not one that impedes it! It is important to purchase an application that is scalable, and can evolve as your business does, rather than hold it back from its full potential. Intacct meets growth head-on with an infrastructure that can easily scale with the business and quarterly updates to ensure your options for growth are consistently fresh. The sort of technology that can evolve from quarter-to-quarter is vital to a smooth expansion process.

Growth is only made more difficult when your financial and accounting management applications are stuck in the Stone Age. If it can't evolve, then leave it behind. If you intend for your business to grow, then you'll need the sort of software Intacct offers—the kind that provides a complete view of each and every business and operational dimension, plays well with your other applications and grows like it were alive.


This content was originally posted here by David Furth.