Wow, what a SaaStr Annual. Intacct was a Gold Sponsor of the event, which included hosting the Tactical Stage and participating in a number of the sessions with some of the industry’s top thought leaders. Our vibrant SaaS customer community, including many of the pre-IPO Unicorns, was well represented on stage and in presentations, pushing the envelope in helping their own customers run their businesses with great products, user experiences, cultures, and results.

I know not all of you could make it to the event. Even if you were there, it was hard to take in all the sessions during a jam-packed three days. Here are a few takeaways I had from SaaStr Annual that we can all leverage:

  • From Jon Miller, the CEO of Engagio – when building your culture, know the Five Dysfunctions of a team. Build team trust that can work through disagreement on tactics in the name of achieving the common purpose of the organization.
  • From David Skok, Managing Director at Matrix Partners – understand your Buyer’s Journey and the key measures for each stage. People don’t want to be sold to, instead they want thought-leadership that will help them understand the choices and the best practices.
  • From Kristina Shen, Principal at Bessemer Ventures – it is important to understand your Efficiency Score, which is the % of annual CARR growth plus the % of burn. Great firms want to shoot for a score that is above 40. The focus here is on how well you are operating on your metrics so you can dominate your market. Be sure to check out Bessemer’s latest State of the Cloud report.
  • From the panel on Limited Partners of VCs – everyone is labor for someone else’s capital. It is important to understand what your investor’s investor, as well as your customer’s customer want… and then help them achieve it.

If you were at SaaStr Annual and have additional takeaways you’d like to share, please add them in the comments section. If you are interested in chatting about how Intacct can help software and SaaS scale their business, feel free to send me a message. You can also check out