Four Ways to Get More Streamlined Expense Reporting with Intacct

Today's blog is a guest post by Jill Angelstad, marketing specialist, of Nexonia. Intacct is thrilled that Nexonia is a Platinum sponsor of Advantage 2015!

As you already know, Intacct is an exceptionally powerful cloud ERP system, consistently providing on-demand financial management and accounting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Intacct’s award-winning web-based technology also leverages the world of open APIs, making it incredibly easy to connect your financial solution with other leading cloud applications.

Since 2012, Nexonia has been offering a full corporate expense management platform to hundreds of delighted Intacct customers. Nexonia is proud to offer its customers the deepest Intacct integration's on the market, with over 250 Intacct integration settings to choose from.

Accurate management of your company’s expenses is essential to maintaining profitability, which is why integrating Nexonia Expenses with your Intacct solution makes sense to ensure streamlined reporting. What are just some of the most notable benefits you’ll see when you incorporate Nexonia Expenses with your Intacct account? While there’s plenty of perks, we’ve narrowed it down to the best four:

Better Credit Card Integration
By syncing Intacct and Nexonia together, your users will immediately be able to access their corporate credit card transactions, easily assigned to all Intacct dimensions, routed through a full approval process, and then instantly transferred to Intacct, up to and including the images of all receipts. This drastically reduces the need for manual entry and uploading! With Intacct and Nexonia Expenses, customers are empowered to manage their credit card feeds in Intacct the way they’ve always done, but with full automation. Transactions are received daily from all corporate credit cards, small business credit cards, and all personal cards from over 30,000 banks. Most importantly, these transactions are secure and available on Nexonia’s web and mobile apps.

Better Synchronization With Other Software Programs
Perhaps your business is using a combined system of financial web-based solutions. Not only does Nexonia integrate amazingly well with Intacct, but we also connect with other solutions you might be using, such as These multi-cloud applications combine to create an incredibly efficient bill payment and expense reporting automation solutionan essential function in effective financial management.

Better Mobility - Submit Expenses Online & Off, From Anywhere
With Nexonia and Intacct, both employees and administrators can use the web platform, or opt to use their smartphones or tablets to fill out, submit, and approve expense reports. Using iOS, Google Android™, BlackBerry® 10 and Windows® Phone devices, an employee can quickly enter expenses, take photos of receipts, and easily submit them for approval within seconds. You even have the ability to create expense reports and save receipts on your mobile device with no Internet connection (for instance, while you’re on the plane ride home); saved reports will sync when you’re connected again.

Better Customer Support
Although the integration between Nexonia and Intacct provides a complete expense report automation workflow that will benefit both the finance teams and the employees they support, what truly sets Nexonia apart from other third-party expense management apps (besides Nexonia’s deep Intacct integration) is our passion for delivering truly quality customer experiences.

Over the years, we’ve developed a phenomenal relationship with our Intacct partners and customers, and take great pride in ensuring new customers are handled with care by providing ongoing free training and support.

As a proud platinum sponsor of Intacct Advantage 2015, the Nexonia team will be available to demonstrate our unbeatable Intacct integration at our Expo booth #509—November 10th-12th.

On Wednesday, November 11th, at 1:45 pm PT, our CEO, Neil Wainwright, will be joined onstage by Intacct partners and customers for a 60-minute session on “Outstanding Expense Reports, AP, PO, Timesheets & PTO Management Completely Integrated With Intacct.” Showcasing Nexonia’s multi-dimensional integration with Intacct, the session will also include a post-demo panel and Q&A session with Nexonia customers and partners.

Also, be sure to pack your dancing shoes and prepare to rrrrhhhummba with us at Avalara’s Intacct Advantage party on November 11th!