5 Content Scheduling Tips for Prospective Users Attending Intacct Advantage 2015

Today's guest post from Brian Terrell of BTerrell Group, offers some fantastic tips for users attending Intacct Advantage this week in Las Vegas!

Attendees at Intacct Advantage 2015 fall into several different categories, including current and prospective Intacct client companies, Intacct channel partners, Intacct executives, and business software thought leaders, and media members. This event provides a great week of learning opportunities, with a bit of Las Vegas fun sprinkled in here and there. Many people have been working diligently for months to ensure the content offered at the event provides value to every attendee, regardless of the current status of your company’s relationship with Intacct.

Yesterday, I sent a note to a prospective client company CFO who has agreed to accept my invitation to attend. In that note, I tried to share best practices on getting the most out of Intacct Advantage from the context of a prospective end user. I thought I’d post those thoughts here in case they prove helpful to others.

1.  Access the Agenda and Session Catalog online and read through it with any other members of your team who may be attending. This is your chance to “divide and conquer,” because there will inevitably be more content than time. Prioritize those events and split them up. Please keep in mind that the content during the CFO Summit can only be attended by those in that executive role.

2.  Make content choices based on key components of your “ideal solution.” Intacct VAR partners and direct sales representatives are trained to work with you in the definition of your company’s ideal solution, and you should use this as a guide in planning your schedule. Re gistering for these sessions is very important, as the one you really want may also be the one that fills up first!

3.  Review the Intacct Advantage 2015 Sponsor list and make sure you schedule time to visit with those sponsors whose products or services may also be key parts to that ideal solution. Many Intacct implementations include at least one or more Intacct Marketplace solution, and Intacct Advantage 2015 offers a golden opportunity to visit face to face with the people behind the solutions.

4.  Spend a moment jotting down information you’d like to gain from those who will be attending. Because Intacct Advantage 2015 is an annual event where many very knowledgeable and experience folks will be gathered, think just a moment on what you would most like to learn from members of the following groups:

  • Intacct executives
  • Intacct client companies
  • An Intacct channel partner or salesperson other than the one with whom you have been working
  • Industry thought leaders and media

5. Once you have optimized your Intacct Advantage 2015 schedule, please remember to plan ahead for your own personal comfort. During the conference, you will find that attendees dress casually for business. To ensure you get the most out of your week, please remember to include comfortable shoes as well as a layer or two (just in case that exhibit hall is cooler than expected.)

Intacct Advantage 2015 provides an especially beneficial opportunity to companies in every stage of the process of discovering how Intacct can help automate their accounting and finance functions. With just a little planning, the event can provide even more peace of mind to the decision making process. And while you are there, please stop by and visit with the Workforce Go! team so we can share how we’ve eliminated costly time and errors by integrating HRMS with Intacct using Intacct Platform Services.