Achieving Rapid Growth Painlessly

Fast growth can be a great problem to have—but it can also be challenging for the finance team. That is where having the right financial system in place can make all the difference. Organizations of all sizes have chosen Intacct to grow their businesses quickly while still managing revenue without adding extra staff.

One example of this is Adaptive Computing, a leader in cloud management and high performance computing management solutions. Adaptive Computing used Intacct to improve their financial operations and enabled them to get the same amount of work completed while reducing their finance team headcount by one-third. With Intacct, Adaptive Computing can easily add new entities as it grows and seamless incorporate that new business into its financial results—looking at the numbers on their own, or consolidated with the rest of the company financials.

They’ve also been able to move into new market segments based on the insights gained from the analysis of their sales patterns and business. Being able to analyze the business and provide all of their stakeholders the subsequent information, allows them to move forward at a rate to get to profitability much more quickly than they would have been able to otherwise—especially as a company that is investing heavily in new areas.

Tracy Taylor, chief financial officer of Mountainside Fitness Centers, says Intacct supported its growth by allowing them to get the right information at the right time. Previously, they had difficulty producing the full set of financials for each of their entities: balance sheet, cash flow, income statements, etc. Now with Intacct and the applications we offer, every entity has its own set of financials which is key to their banks and business partners.

Want more examples? Check out the video below to see how financial directors and CFO’s are managing more revenue and more accounting complexity without adding staff and discover why the Intacct cloud accounting solution is best-in-class.


So why do thousands of high-growth companies choose Intacct? It’s simple—Intacct makes it easy to adapt to changes as your business evolves. You're never locked into decisions you make today and you'll avoid expensive re-implementations, saving thousands of dollars and eliminating the need to work outside the system as your needs change.