AIM Environmental Group has a long history of innovation in its core business of compost processing, turning hundreds of thousands of tons of banana peels, coffee grounds, leaves and other organic materials into natural, eco-friendly fertilizer.

Now AIM Environmental, based in Ontario, Canada, is innovating in its business processes to drive efficiency and growth — and has the ideal solution with Sage Intacct.

“The reason we began looking for another accounting software package was to become as innovative as we can and as automated as we can,” Scott Carney, Finance Manager at AIM Environmental, says in a Sage Intacct customer success video. “Sage Intacct was really a perfect fit for us to get to that next level.”

Business insights have soared since AIM went live on Sage Intacct in January 2017 to replace an outdated legacy system and Excel. For instance, managers at the four composting plants that AIM runs across Canada on behalf of municipal customers are now able to see key financial and operational metrics on demand.

New Collaboration and Insights

That’s a huge improvement over past practices, when it could take the accounting team three or four weeks to produce a report that plant management needed. Customizable, permission-based dashboards in Sage Intacct let AIM management drill into real-time data with robust dimensional reporting.

“Unifying different departments and facilities into one consolidated cloud-based system is really fantastic,” Carney said. “With Sage Intacct dashboards, managers at plants and at different levels can run reports right on their desktops. The financial tools are in their hands, and they’ve not had that ability before.”

That’s enhanced collaboration across the company, supports informed decision-making and saves time for all stakeholders

“Sage Intacct has increased a lot of the time savings and given a lot of time back to our employees,” Carney said. “And the fact that it’s a mobile, cloud-based system means we can look at reports right from our phones or from a home office.”

An Agile Platform for Growth

Sage Intacct is also simplifying intercompany transactions across AIM’s 11 business entities and enabling multi-entity financial consolidation, a capability that didn’t exist in AIM’s previous environment. And Sage Intacct gives the company an agile platform to pursue its growth objectives.

“Our growth projections for the next five to 10 years are to double or quadruple our number of facilities,” Carney said. “Sage Intacct gives us the ability to roll out systems and accounting software almost instantly to new facilities. You’ve got a laptop, you’re up and running on Sage Intacct.”

Carney credits BAASS Business Solutions, a Sage Intacct partner that did the implementation at AIM, for helping the company rapidly reap benefits from its new system. An on-time, on-budget deployment went hand-in-hand with training to accelerate user adoption.

“BAASS Business Solutions provided a fantastic in-house training program where we had all the facility managers in and ran through all the different dashboard and financial reporting scenarios,” Carney said. “Our experience with BAASS overall has been fantastic.”

Despite the benefits AIM has derived to date with Sage Intacct, Carney recognizes that more gains in efficiency and innovation await.

“We’re still scratching the surface on a lot of things, and that’s exciting,” he said. “Everyone who’s worked with Sage Intacct so far is extremely excited with what it can do.”

View the AIM Environmental customer success video to learn more about how the company is using Sage Intacct to transform its business processes.