I had the opportunity to sit down with Amy Jorde, business analyst, at Marketo as well as an Intacct MVP. Our discussion covered Advantage from A to Z! Highlights from 2014 included a life changing class, networking, and a deferred revenue discussion with a new customer. Read Amy’s recommendations on how to have a great Advantage 2015.

What is the ROI of attending Advantage?

For me, getting the knowledge of how the system is laid out and how modules talk to each other was incredibly beneficial.

Before Advantage 2014, I had been with Marketo for six months and only knew my area of responsibility. I did not see the entire, larger picture of all that is going on within Intacct.

Attending the various classes helped me to learn more and use that knowledge to improve my day-to-day responsibilities.

What are your expectations for Advantage?

My number one expectation is to take another great class.

During Advantage 2014 I took the “Intacct Smart Rules and Smart Events Can Change your Life” class and it really did. I have done so many things with smart rules and smart events! I am building them weekly, whether a validation or fix, so that our system data keeps its integrity.

Secondly, I’m excited to learn what integrations are available and identify other areas that could be automated with a visit to the Marketplace Expo. I want to learn what other systems are available to help us in our day-to-day use of Intacct.

What classes do you recommend?

I prefer all the hands on classes, the classes that walk you through with demos, the labs and Partner demos. As I mentioned, last year I took the “Intacct Smart Rules and Smart Events Can Change your Life” class and this year I’m looking forward to the “Build your First Platform Application” class because of the numerous customizations in our Intacct instance. It will be beneficial to get exposure to how these are created.

Of course you should attend my class “Intacct Flexibility: Automating Key Business Processes.” This class is designed for the user to see how Marketo has scaled business processes using the platform flexibility. You’ll learn how to make small changes to your Intacct instance and recognize that a savings of one minute per transaction really adds up when your business grows to over 500 sales orders per month.

Take a look at the developer courses, the revenue recognition course (especially if you have not learned how to use this module) and if you use project revenue or projects  the projects courses were spectacular last year (Jim Rowney really knows Intacct!).

What are the benefits of connecting with other users at Advantage?

Networking with other users was helpful. Our Marketo team had a large group attending which allowed us to divide and conquer. I encourage you to send a few people from your company! We were able to attend multiple classes and share what we learned with each other.

At the ‘Birds of a Feather’ lunch, we were able to meet the Auction.com accounting team and get insight on their Coupa integration and discuss general ledger accounting scenarios.

It was nice to meet with our account manager, Scott Hilson, to discuss top of mind issues for us.

During the Welcome Reception I got to meet with some new Intacct customers where we had drinks and talked about ‘Deferred Revenue Forecasting’ and worked through a few other issues to help them set up their instance better.

Do you schedule time in ‘Everything Intacct?’

Yes, this is the first time that I met my Intacct super heroes, Louis Sterio and Mark Miller, in person! We were able to scope out an entire SOW as well as resolve some issues we were having in our EMEA entity. It was great for our international team to discuss directly with the Intacct support staff.

Do you visit the Intacct Marketplace?

Marketo has multiple integrations. Last year, in my role as revenue operations manager, I did not need to seek new integrations or partnerships. However, it was great to put a face to the names of some of our vendors (Thanks, Neil, from Nexonia!)

This year, in my role as finance business analyst, I’m really looking forward to seeing what else is out there to save our finance and accounting team time and manual effort, whether that be enhancing our existing partnerships or developing new ones.

Who should attend Advantage?

I think the best attendees are the users, those who are in the system every day!

Management should also attend as they have their own separate track.

However, users will be able to apply changes and really make a difference! I encourage as many users as possible attend and when they return from Advantage they can get their managers to support implementation of ideas.

As an attendee of the 2014 Advantage Conference, can you share any highlights?

Attend the keynote! Last year we had an amazing a capella group during the opening keynote. It set the tone for a GREAT Advantage. You never know what surprises or new features will be shared at Advantage!

Make sure to say hello to the Marketo team at Advantage! To register, visit our Advantage site.