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Intacct CEO, Rob Reid, Discusses Oracle’s Acquisition of NetSuite
Earlier this month, Oracle announced its intention to acquire cloud financial software provider, NetSuite. In this blog, Intacct CEO, Robert Reid, discusses why this is a move that underscores the importance of the mid-market and of pure-play cloud ERP services and solutions.

New Regulations in ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Create Sweeping Changes to Accounting—Part 1
If you’ve been wondering how new FASB revenue recognition rule, ASC 606 (ASU 2014-09), and IFRS rule, IFRS 15, are going to affect your accounting team and processes, don’t miss this first post in our three part series to get better prepared for what looks to be a big change.

5 Steps to Tackle Looming Revenue Recognition Rule Changes—Part 2
In the last article on upcoming ASC 606 changes, we covered compliance timing for public and private companies and highlighted the impact it will have on your software or services business.

The second part of the series looks deeper into what you need to consider as you make the adjustments in your business and how Intacct can help you tackle these looming changes.

How Do the FASB and IASB Rev Rec Changes Affect Nonprofits?
This post from AcctTwo addresses the four key points that nonprofits should take into consideration when preparing for these new standards that will take effect in 2017 for private organizations and 2018 for public organizations.

7 Reasons You May Consider Outsourcing Your Finance and Accounting
Successful businesses, no matter how small or large, are able to focus, like a laser beam, on what’s important: innovation, customer service, growth, company culture, and winning against their competition.

This post explores why if you are looking for better ways to focus on growing your business you may want to consider outsourcing your finance and accounting operations.

Tech-Savvy CFOs Look Beyond the Cloud for Agility
The tech-savvy CFO understands clearly the need for agility today and many turn to the cloud to fight fire with fire. If the Internet can provide entry into global opportunities, shouldn’t the cloud also be part of the solution?

Cindy Jutras, founder of Mint Jutras, discusses that while any cloud based solution can provide access anytime from anywhere for better communication and collaboration, SaaS based deployments provide even more benefits.

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