A Behind the Scenes Look at the Intacct Accountants Program

Accounting firms have long since been part of Intacct’s core target market. Hundreds of accounting firms rely on Intacct to serve their clients successfully, including over 30 percent of the Top 100 firms. In recognition of this, in 2009, the AICPA and its subsidiary, CPA.com, named Intacct as its first and only preferred provider of financial applications.

Intacct recently welcomed Kevin Cumley in September 2014 as the new director of the Intacct Accountants Program. A valuable asset since, Kevin plays a large role in helping Intacct continue its growth with accounting firms and further strengthen Intacct’s relationship with CPA.com.

I sat down with Kevin recently to discuss his new role and how his time at Intacct has been going.

BRITTANY BENSON: Can you give our readers a brief overview of the Intacct Accountants Program and the benefits for accounting firms that join the program?

KEVIN CUMLEY: The Intacct Accountants Program is a partnership we have with CPA.com, an AICPA company, where we use Intacct as a platform for our partners to deliver outsourced accounting services to their customers. This program is designed for high quality, progressive firms that are forward thinking and committed to providing high value services to their clients. One example would be controller and CFO services as opposed to entry level bookkeeping.

Most importantly, the Intacct Accountants Program is not just a product or platform; it’s a program that provides a lot of support, resources, and benefits. There are three different levels of membership; all levels of membership receive training on the product as well as advice on how to build a practice, and sales training. Additionally they receive priority support that’s specific to their needs.

The goal for our program is a win-win-win: a win for the customer, a win for the partner, and a win for CPA.com and Intacct—in that order. As long as we focus on helping the customer succeed then everyone will have success.

BB: How is the Intacct Accountants Program different than other programs out there?

KC: We’re set apart in a few ways. The main differentiator is that we deliver the program in partnership with CPA.com (an AICPA company) and we’re also focused on progressive, high quality firms—we’re not looking to be an entry level, transactional style of solution.

We also offer a true mid-market solution that provides much more sophisticated capabilities. Our solution provides the ability to easily handle multi-entity franchises, advanced reporting and dashboards that are fully configurable, and global consolidations.

With Intacct, we set up our processes and workflows to meet the needs of the customer, versus the customer having to adjust to the processes and workflows of the product.

BB: Intacct partnered with CPA.com, part of the AICPA, several years ago. How does that relationship benefit Intacct partners and their clients?

KC: We are proudly the only ERP solution that is endorsed by the AICPA. They did an exhaustive search to identify the best solution in the industry and they selected us. It’s been a big win for both sides. Intacct is the best cloud based platform in the business so that allows the AICPA to leverage that for their success. We’re able to leverage the trust of working with them and offer this best of breed solution for our partners and provide high value services to customers.

It’s like any truly fantastic partnership—if it’s right, it’s synergistic—1 + 1 = 3 or more and that’s definitely the case in this relationship.

BB: You’ve been at Intacct for almost six months now, what have been some memorable highlights (or what has surprised you) since you’ve started?

KC: Advantage 2014 was a real highlight. I had been to Advantage a few times before as an Intacct Marketplace partner; this was when Advantage was 400 or 500 people. To then attend while now working at Intacct and be part of the team and see that it had grown so significantly (more than 1,300 attendees) was amazing.

I love the passion and enthusiasm of the organization and the culture. The executive team is strong and Rob (Intacct CEO) takes a very firm stance that we’re “the good guys” and we approach everything in a very positive way. I believe in that. I’m thrilled to be part of an organization that not only thinks but acts that way.

We also formed an advisory council last year; The Intacct Accountants Program Advisory Council provides an important communication link between Intacct, CPA.com, and our accounting partner community. They’ve been crucial in helping us make good decisions from the channel perspective. I’m really impressed with the quality of the teams both on our side and CPA.com. They care about providing the absolute best program possible for our partners and their customers.

And I’m finally getting used to all the Intacct lime green stuff!

BB: What kinds of things are you excited to see happen for the Intacct Accountants Program in 2015?

KC: We’re implementing a variety of program additions and changes that are going to be a big benefit to our partners and their customers. I can’t share any details right now, but it’s coming in the next few months. I’m also excited about the new release of Intacct; there’s a lot of functionality included that will be really beneficial for the IAP partners.

Our CPA.com relationship continues to grow and become more positive on a daily basis. We just finished an executive meeting between CPA.com and Intacct; the response that came back from both parties was that it was the best meeting we’ve had in our six year relationship—it just keeps getting better. We’re having tons of growth and success and so are our partners. I’m really excited about our future.

BB: And how about just a few fun questions to close with. What are some things you’re involved in outside of work?

KC: I spend lots of time with family and friends, going to my son and daughter’s various sporting events, and taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities available in Montana (where I live) like fly fishing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, etc.

BB: What’s a must-see or do for someone visiting Montana for the first time?

KC: There are so many it’s hard to pick but I would probably say a visit to one of the national parks either Yellowstone or Glacier, there’s nothing else quite like them!

To learn more about the Intacct Accountants Program or becoming an Intacct partner, click here.