The massive growth in cloud computing has primarily been driven by best in class systems—think for CRM, etc. In the on-premises software days, “all in one” suites helped reduce the massive integration hassles stemming from multiple deployment platforms and trying to move data from system to system. The cloud changed all that.

Today’s advanced cloud solutions are extremely open, and allow for the frictionless movement of information from system to system. Now, each department in an organization can make the best choice for their needs, to maximize performance and reduce the risk of being dependent on one vendor. In addition, the collective investments from best in class technologies are 10 times the amount of investment of a cloud suite vendor.

Customers want choice, customers want deep functionality, and customers want the seamless flow of information—and they get it with best-in class cloud solutions like Intacct. But why take our word for it when we have so many customers and partners eager to share their experiences.

In the video below you will hear from a number of financial leaders on why benefits like cost-savings, freedom of choice, and depth of features matter to them. You’ll also learn how they were able to take inflexible, dated accounting processes and move to a more flexible, financial foundation that streamlines operations and enhances financial reporting.

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