The Best of Both Worlds: Best-in-Class CRM, meet Best-in-Class ERP

Life-changing decisions—College, jobs, investments, shopping for a home—have taught many of us the important reality of compromise. In the decision making process we generally begin with the anticipation of having the best of both world—that great house in the best neighborhood, no more than 15 miles from the office—and end up with a 57 mile commute in exchange for a good school district for the kids.

Given the often unavoidable lowering of our standards, is it any wonder the world is captivated by the no-compromise “best in class” promise of the cloud? Back in the bad old days, you might remember there were two broad choices for picking the right software to run your business: Pick a functionally rich system for each part of your business—and begrudgingly accept their incompatibility. Or pick a suite of “worst in class” products that work perfectly together.

Of course we’re all glad the ease of connecting cloud applications has made these limits a thing of the past, but a new kind of challenge does surface. How does one wade through all those choices of applications and emerge successfully on the other side?

In this blog series we will explore the opportunity that companies using Salesforce have to pair their Best in Class CRM with an ERP system. We will leverage the collective experience of over 9,000+ finance teams to help you answer some of the toughest questions that arise in the process of selecting an ERP system to use with Salesforce CRM. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  1. No Compromise Feature and Function: How have other Salesforce customers evaluated financial functionality for their organization?
  2. Predicting the Future: What factors are important to future-proof an ERP decision?
  3. Ease of Connectivity: How can you evaluate an advanced ERPs ability to connect with Salesforce?
  4. Picking a partner: How have Salesforce customers chosen a cloud provider that would help them expand their Best in Class approach to include ERP?

Be sure to follow along with this blog series!