Bringing Fundraising and Accounting Together in the Cloud

For many nonprofit organizations, "donor development" often means endless hours of low-value manual tasks—querying and pulling data, reentering records across multiple systems, etc. Wouldn't you rather have more time to focus on true donor development?

Software Advice recently released their Nonprofit Software BuyerView Report for 2014. After analyzing more than 2,300 interactions with nonprofit organizations evaluating new software in 2013, they found that most buyers (51 percent) were evaluating nonprofit software to improve efficiency.

According to the report:
Buyers looking to improve efficiency often said things like, “we use 40 spreadsheets and things are getting overwhelming,” “we need to streamline our fundraising efforts” and “things get lost easily, so we need to get more organized.”

The Software Advice report also found that, among buyers with a preference, the vast majority (96 percent) prefer cloud-based software over an on-premises system. In addition, the majority of buyers preferred best-in-class software, as opposed to a pre-integrated suite from a single vendor. See the full report details here.

This aligns well with Intacct. For nonprofits, our cloud financial software can help streamline grant, fund, project, and donor accounting with specialized nonprofit financial management and accounting capabilities. We help you put your financial processes, reporting, and analysis back where they belong—inside your financial management and accounting system.

We are also strong believers in organization taking a best-in-class approach, instead of getting locked into a single-vendor software suite. We partner with other complementary software vendors to ensure our systems work well together. That way you can choose the best-in-class system that fits each area of your organization and rest assured that data will flow between them to keep you productive.

One example of this in the nonprofit space is our relationship with Orange Leap, a leading developer of cloud-based fundraising and constituent relationship management software. We've teamed up to integrate our best-in-class cloud software to create an integrated solution that automatically syncs financial and donor information and frees you to spend time on mission-specific strategic activities and relationship-building.

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