The Changing Role of the CFO

CFOs are under a lot of pressure today to perform and help their business succeed—but in even more challenging ways than five or 10 years ago. Finance chiefs are expected to bring their broad insights on corporate performance to the CEO’s office, to help drive new business models, and introduce strategic changes in the organization.

Unfortunately, instead of spending their time being a strategic advisor, many CFOs are bogged down spending too much time overseeing traditional, rote activities such as managing the books. Responsible financial management is of course paramount to a company’s survival but manual or disconnected efforts around reporting, reconciliation, and budgeting can drag down the CFO’s potential.

The good news... it doesn't have to be that way. There are ways to change your role as a CFO. In the short video below, Intacct's CFO, Marc Linden, provides some insights on the changing expectation of CFOs. Marc also shares some survey results from Armanino related to the role of the CFO. 

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