Could a Software Suite Hold You Back From the Sweet Life?

Despite constant change, the longstanding debate continues among companies looking for new software solutions: Best-in-class or suite?

You may be having this very debate with your coworkers. It's quite common, and the difficulty of the decision make sense—maybe. For many years, each side of the debate has dug in deep and fortified long-held positions. The argument at hand has generally boiled down to the cost and complexity of integration versus the benefits of focus, functionality and flexibility.

While there was a time when integration was hardly costly and sacrificing some functionality to use a suite of applications from one provider—which supposedly all worked together handily—sounded like the best option at an affordable price.

Integration is no longer an issue!

Why give up best-in-class functionality when connecting cloud solutions together simply is no longer an issue? While many companies find it difficult to overcome the long held belief that integrating a variety of best in class applications is difficult and expensive, the evidence proves otherwise. With true, multi-entity, cloud solutions, published APIs (application programming interfaces) from the software providers makes a historically challenging task much easier!

"Gone are the days of difficult integration processes."

So don't be held back by an old truth. Gone are the days of difficult integration processes. With the way that the software publishers now design their applications, the integration issue has lost relevance—integrating best-in-class solutions is simpler and provides the functional experts with expert functionality.

A taste of the sweet life, rather than the suite life

The best-in-class supporters now know that integration is no longer the costly problem it once was. You need look no further than the integration that exists between Intacct and Salesforce to automate the Order to Cash process.

What you get when you bring these two powerful solutions together is a full view of every customer. A streamlined quote-to-cash process. And more productive communication between the department that makes the numbers—and the department that manages them. There's no need for expensive third-party integration, IT support, or custom consulting. With Intacct's Salesforce integration, you just point, click and connect. Really!

With integrated best-in-class applications, your view of your company will be crystal clear. So, if you're leaning toward a software suite, you may hold your company back from the sweet life, and do you really want to do that?

This content was originally posted here by David Furth, president and founder of Leap the Pond.