Being customer-focused is the driving force behind everything Intacct does – from the way we build our solutions, to designing the product roadmap, to providing world-class customer support. Intacct believes that healthy and happy customers are the tenant that a successful business is built upon.

And this holistic approach seems to be working: Intacct was recently named to G2Crowd’s list of 2017 Best Software for Finance teams.

Each year, Intacct strives to raise the bar for what it means to lead a world-class sales organization.  This goes well beyond the traditional metrics like consistently driving over 40 percent growth and maintaining industry leading churn rates. 

What sets Intacct apart from other sales teams is the way we have transformed the traditional sales process so that it is designed from the outside in to support the entire buyer’s journey.  In the world of SaaS, it’s not enough to simply sell a customer once, or even successfully get them live on a new system.  When Intacct signs up a new customer, my team members ensure that the customer is successful for the next 7, 10, and 15 years.

As such, this has driven the need to develop a radically different sales culture, especially compared to alternative solutions within the ERP/accounting industry where over 50-75 percent of all implementations fail. 

By taking a very consultative sales approach, developing honest and transparent relationships with our prospects, and a customer first approach, Intacct has consistently maintained a 98 percent and above implementation success rate.

In support of the entire buyer’s journey, we also created Intacct’s renowned Customer for Life Program. This program is designed to guide the buyer’s journey once they become a customer, and empower users to transform the way they think and work by providing them with the right solutions, services, and support, while working together to achieve on-going success.

The Intacct Customer for Life program provides innovative solutions based on years of best practices and was designed with a single aim: to accelerate each Intacct customer’s success throughout their journey as an Intacct customer.

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