Discovering how Improved Productivity Can Increase ROI

One of the most frequent benefits an organization sees after optimizing its financials is the ability to drive value across the entire business. The right financial system provides companies with real-time financial and operational visibility into even the most complicated of accounts, comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation to streamlines business processes, reduce labor, and cut costs.

Before moving to Intacct, one client of Intacct partner LBMC Technologies was using an additional 16 Excel spreadsheets to close out their financials each month—requiring an average of one and a half to two months before they could close their books. Additionally, they had an extra full-time employee whose job was to input the data from their financial system into these spreadsheets.

This is not an isolated situation. Intacct customers regularly see fast, efficient payback time’s and increased ROI through improved productivity. Through automation, these businesses are able to eliminate the need to do redundant data entry into multiple Excel spreadsheets, saving time and money each month.

Check out the video below and hear how several CFO’s and financial managers are boosting day-to-day productivity, closing their books on time, and saving $120K in annual salary.

With our business partners, Intacct has helped more than 7,300 organizations—from fast growing startups to multi-national organizations, public companies, and global enterprises—make the move to cloud computing and streamline their financial-management processes.

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