You can’t rely on entry-level accounting software that lacks proactive financial controls for very long when you’re in film accounting. Solutions like QuickBooks were great when your firm was small, but can no longer handle the type or volume of data being generated, which forces users to resort to spreadsheets and other error-prone workarounds. Manual processes waste valuable time and introduce risk. Replace legacy, entry-level accounting software with the only AICPA-approved financial controls solution and get proactive with financial management.

Entry-level accounting software is sufficient in many situations, just not when business is growing. Solutions like QuickBooks have limitations in the number of users that can be in the solution at the same time and with the data being captured. These weaknesses force users to find other ways to manage important financial information which introduces new risks. Download “5 Brilliant Ways Media and Entertainment Companies are Building Competitive Advantage,” to learn how a stronger financial management system will save time, protect key data, and provide more value to your organization.

Support Continued Growth with Intacct and Adaptive Insights

As business grows and operations become more complex, the importance of financial control and insight also grows. You can’t trust such critical data to manual spreadsheets. Stronger cloud financial solutions, such as Intacct and Adaptive Insights, offer time-saving automations, reducing the need for redundant tasks like duplicate data entry between systems or creating more spreadsheets.

Built-in workflows simplify and streamline common processes associated with purchasing, payments and employee expenses. Replacing manual processes with automations will reduce the time spent handling data and improve data accuracy. Empower your team to put financial data to work and make the data-driven decisions that nurture continued growth.

Be proactive, not reactive, with financial management

As discussed in the eBook, Canada-based Elevation Pictures, a film distribution company, chose Intacct as they were planning for significant growth. They needed a spreadsheet alternative capable of automating processes and keeping staff lean, while expanding their film library. Intacct streamlined complex financial and operational reporting, supported multi-currency adjustments, and simplified expense allocations and royalty tracking.

It’s possible to be proactive, not reactive, with financial management. Replace manual solutions with the time-saving automations of Intacct and Adaptive Insights so you can get proactive with your financial controls.