The Oxford Dictionary defines being "cool" as the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive. I'm not sure if many people would consider an accounting system as fashionable, but I know that a lot of our customers consider Intacct and our cloud financial management and accounting software as impressive. And they're not alone... CRN has once again named Intacct one of its Top 20 "Coolest" Cloud Software Vendors!

This is the fifth year CRN has compiled a report on the 100 Coolest Cloud Vendors—breaking the list this year into five categories: Infrastructure vendors, Platform and Development vendors, Storage vendors, Security vendors, and Software vendors. Intacct has made this list, a who's who of the top cloud companies, all five years.

Some of the things that make Intacct different, include:

  • Professional, game-changing financial management software
  • Rapid deployment with unlimited flexibility to adapt to your business needsnow and in the future
  • Infinite, real-time visibility into business performance that gives you the ability to gain deep insight into your business at any time
  • Superior return on investment and the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction

As for why CRN think's we're cool, here is what they had to say:

Intacct offers cloud-based accounting, financial reporting and financial management software. The company has been on a strong growth path: It reported a 150 percent increase in sales bookings in its first fiscal quarter ended Sept. 30. And the company said a great deal of that growth is coming from its VARs.

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