Today we continue with the next installment from our series of videos with eCornell. In this edition, Clark Newby discusses how you can find insight buried in the vast quantities of business intelligence (BI) data amassing from business systems today.

The BI revolution has been mounting for quite some time, and is now coming into full bloom with the ability to finally make vast quantities of data actionable. As a matter of fact, there’s so much business intelligence that you can barely be intelligent about it any more. With today’s overload of information, it’s hard to even know what to look for amongst the data, or understand what merits a decision.

Hear Clark's take on how BI is impacting enterprise software and how companies are looking to use these new business insights in this short video.

At Intacct, we see our customers embracing the data-driven trends, with the most advanced companies looking not just at the status of their business, but also at key metrics like the productivity of their employees. For example, several of our people-focused services customers are monitoring the utility of each office and each team member (which, with thousands of individuals to track, can often be blinding).

Many companies are moving towards exception-based reporting to more easily pinpoint which teams are operating above or below expectations. By drilling into the details only as needed, they can better understand possible causes for the exceptions, such as extra PTO being taken, a project run amok, or an issue with the pipeline of projects coming into a team. Intacct not only gives our customers dashboards to help them easily see the big picture of their business, but the ability to click into exceptions so they can make the smartest, most critical decisions to move the business forward.

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