Gaining Strategic Insight into Business Performance

High-growth organizations today are operating in an increasingly complex, competitive landscape—often on a global or multi-entity scale. In response to this, businesses are expecting their financial systems to provide access to more than traditional, “business as usual” information. Finance teams are looking for strategic ways to improve reporting so that it is faster and more accurate, and provides crucial insight into performance across the entire organization.

Current challenges some of these companies face are that their financial systems are outdated, lacking integration, or they simply don’t meet today’s standard business requirements. In contrast, organizations that deploy modern, cloud financial software enable their finance teams to gain the real-time visibility required to provide business-critical insights. This transparency allows businesses to remain competitive.

We recently spoke with several Intacct customers and partners to learn more about how Intacct helps high-growth companies gain the strategic insight they need. These companies have found that their department heads are better able to make decisions around expense to budget control, employee additions, and capital acquisitions based on the reporting and analysis that is available with Intacct. No matter how complex the reporting is, there is no guesswork; the results are presented simply and the data is easily actionable making key information visible.

For our customers, knowledge is power and Intacct allows 24/7 access to insightful dashboards that provide meaningful, actionable information. Intacct allows users to see their metrics, gain visibility into both financial and operational information, improve business decision-making based on flexible reporting, and produce an entire set of reports with ease.