How to Become Irreplaceable—5 Questions Every CFO Should Expect from the CEO

“So, what are your thoughts on where we should invest?”

Questions like that, if unprepared for, can make a CFO’s face flush and heart rate rise. Yet inquiries like that are exactly where a CEO will expect insight from the organization’s CFO.

The most irreplaceable chief financial officers are ones that provide sound business insights and valuable strategic recommendations to the CEO, the Board, and executive team. When critical questions like these are asked, it’s imperative to be prepared and have a plan of action and the business drivers behind it.

To help in your preparation process, we’ve put together a panel of CFOs to discuss the challenges they face and the top five questions a chief executive officer will ask—and more importantly, how to respond.

These are the questions that keep your CEO up at night: “How should we be measuring our business,” or, “Where should we invest our next dollar?” To hear this panel discussion, join Intacct’s webinar on Wednesday, April 15, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.

During this webinar, the team of industry experts will share how they utilize a modern financial management solution to answer and solve critical questions from their CEO. Join us to learn valuable insights that put you on the path to becoming an irreplaceable asset to the people in your organization that matter most.