Recently, Intacct's VP of Marketing, Clark Newby, sat down with the folks from eCornell to discuss a wide range of business landscape topics—from finance moving to the cloud, to mobile devices and business intelligence. In the first of a series of videos, he talks about how cloud financial applications can help companies scale more quickly.

Growing businesses, which typically have multiple product lines and offices, are faced with highly complex financial operations that get exponentially more challenging to manage as they expand. Even semi-manual accounting task becomes untenable at a certain point. By moving to financial applications in the cloud, many of your manual financial processes can happen automatically (and be moved along between systems without friction), regardless of where your approvers or requestors are located geographically. Approvals don’t have to get hung up just because someone is out of the office or away from their desk.

As a result of these efficiency benefits, several Intacct customers have more than doubled the size of their organization, while only needing to add a single finance person. And beyond productivity improvements, cloud financial applications can help make your business smarter. For example, your sales folks could make real-time contract decisions based on valuable insights even while on the ground at a customer site.

Hear how Clark explains some of the ways cloud financials can help you accelerate your growth in this short video.

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