With the whirlwind of digital communications today, business leaders still need to take the time for face to face collaboration with like-minded CFOs and industry experts.  This year’s Intacct Advantage is the perfect opportunity for making these meaningful connections.

The Intacct Advantage 2016 show next week in Orlando, Florida serves up some of the best content and learning experiences for strategic financial decision-makers. Please make sure you check out Thursday’s CFO Summit and some of our favorite session topics, such as:

At Ariett, we know that even when financial leaders are not at their desktop, the business of financial decision-making and processing cannot be put on hold.  Our research on requisitioning through the Ariett Cloud indicates that CFOs review and approve 72% of requisitions submitted by their team through their mobile device—now that’s collaboration, visibility and control.

While you spend your day away from the office at Intacct Advantage, here’s how Ariett offers an end-to-end procurement to payment solution for any device, giving you a hand while you’re on the go:

As you arrive early on Wednesday to hear Intacct CEO Rob Reid’s Keynote address, pull out your phone and review an urgent payment batch waiting for approval. Drill to view the invoices and then drill back to the marketing contract for verification on the timing of payment terms. With several clicks, you are done and your team avoids missing a deadline. Settle in for a great motivational talk about how to take your company to the next level!

During lunch, find your industry table, get to know each other and discuss solutions to challenges facing you and your peers.  One challenge for you is next year’s audit cost. So you enter a requisition for the cost of next year’s audit from your phone, attach the auditor’s proposal, add comments and submit to the executive team for approval. Since you’ve made compliance improvements with a new purchase to payment solution that helped you to segregate duties and capture an audit trail of all approvals and documents, you ask for recommendations on how to negotiate a better price with auditors.

Take a walk before the Marketplace Happy Hour and set some new priorities based on your learning of the day. Before leaving your room, run a report from your Ariett Purchase and Expense Solution that forecasts the details of your expense commitments for the 4th quarter. Gain visibility into what your bottom-line will look like at year end and avoid the pitfalls of approving expenses after the fact. Only an easy-to-use requisition system that your employees love to use can provide this type of forecasting insight at your fingertips.

Visit Ariett in the Marketplace - a Gold Sponsor of Intacct Advantage 2016 at Booth #21. We will listen for your feedback and product suggestions to increase your success with Ariett Purchase and Expense. Let us know what you like best about our seamless bi-directional Cloud to Cloud API integration with Intacct that supports GLs, Dimensions, Entities and Multi-Currency processing. Our collaboration with Intacct and Intacct customers is the key to your success!