At Intacct Advantage, many of us heard David Wohlwend, Vice President of Finance and Accounting at ModSquad, on our Customer Success panel. ModSquad is a provider of on-demand digital customer engagement for today’s top brands, delivering technical and traditional customer support via phone, email, chat, and posts.

ModSquad protects and enhances the world’s top brands such as Warner Brothers, Sony, the NFL, and the State Department via:

  • Social media monitoring, support, crisis management, SEO analysis, and reporting
  • Digital community management and moderation, including content generation, working with customer influencers, and growing audiences
  • Customer support, with the company’s network of Mods serving customer needs via phone, chat, email, social media, website, and via in-app and in-game support.

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with David, one of our newest Intacct MVPs, and asked him to share more about his Intacct journey.

What were the successful elements of your Intacct implementation?

Working with Leap the Pond put us on a trajectory for success. We were able to identify the Change Management requirements and the efficiencies to be gained, and it also helped us determine how to best work with third-party subject matter experts to extend and optimize the use of Intacct.

Change Management

Our goal was a fully-automated billing and costing system where the Time and Materials module drove billings and costing automatically. However, due to nuances in the way we schedule our agent shifts, we were saddled with our legacy labor-claiming system, which proved difficult to integrate due to its limitations.

The key to our success was ensuring we addressed our internal limitations by adopting and integrating Intacct. Through perseverance, consistent status meetings, and not accepting ‘no’ for an answer, we made the necessary decisions and process changes.

Efficiencies Gained

Our goal at the outset was to get to the point where “what we sell is what we deliver and what we bill.” We are now very close to full automation, where a CSV upload from the labor-claiming system drives invoicing and costing.

We have been able to reduce our inefficiencies significantly by moving away from a manually intensive, Excel-based world supporting invoicing and project costing. Our Account Managers used to be saddled with Excel spreadsheet prep, and invoicing and project costing was a complete drain on their time. Now, our CSV export from the labor-claiming system and the subsequent upload drives invoicing and costing, and generates what I like to call instant ROI on the purchase and install – no calculator required.

Additionally, with 10,000 freelance “Mods” (moderators) in more than 50 countries and more than 50 languages, we are now able to provide on-demand service, track and bill accurately, and pay our international Mods in multiple currencies. As part of the transition, we were also able to replace novel-length invoices with single-page invoices through SKU consolidation. Our invoices no longer read like a Leo Tolstoy novel, which is a welcome change and improves the client experience significantly.

By optimizing Intacct’s breadth of functionality, we now have more visibility and the ability to drill down and filter our dashboard. This affords us the freedom to provide on-target estimates for complex work where clients scale services up and down.

Finally, the use of Dashboards is a central control point. We can monitor KPIs as numbers roll in, know instantly what’s going on, see what needs more work, and easily catch billing errors.

Third Party Partnerships

Leap the Pond was instrumental in helping us streamline our operations and optimize processes leveraging the Intacct Platform. Our Account Managers are now freed up to focus on higher value-add activities like client support and interface. Leap the Pond will continue to help us evaluate new functionality and partner solutions and perfect our use of Intacct in the future.

While we are leveraging much of Intacct’s existing functionality, I see a rich vein of informational gold waiting to be mined, and we fully expect to work with Leap the Pond every step of the way to continue to optimize our use of Intacct.

Really, for me personally, the successful implementation resulted in a very welcome promotion to Vice President, which is a testament to Intacct’s capabilities, Leap the Pond, our partner integrations like Salesforce, 2CProcessor, and, and the very capable and energetic team that I have supporting me. Our C-suite execs are absolutely thrilled with the system.

There is much more to share and I encourage you to reach out! I’m available to hear about your challenges and discuss more of our story.