Improve Data Security & Reduce Costs with Cloud Financial Management

In the final post from our series of videos with eCornell, Clark Newby discusses the improved security and cost benefits of moving core business processes into the cloud. The business transition to the cloud has come in stages, starting with customer relationship management, then human resources, and now financials—the vital organ of your business.

With such sensitive data, it’s especially important to keep it secure. Businesses are learning that unless their internal data center is exceedingly large, it’s probably not cut out for the job. Cloud providers like Intacct have robust, guarded data centers, with things like biological mapping security in place to control access. “Jimmy” down in your IT department is probably not implementing every data center security best practice, nor is he up to speed with each update of your financial application. For this reason, many companies are recognizing that other businesses might have an even greater stake in the security of their data, and can do a better job of protecting it than is feasible for their organization.

At Intacct, protecting your financial data is the foundation of our mission to earn and maintain your trust. That’s why we do more than promise—we guarantee the high performance, availability, security, and reliability of our financial applications. And we’ll compensate our customer if we don’t meet our commitments. Take a closer look at Intacct's Buy with Confidence Guarantee, and check out our continually updated system status. No other cloud business software solution offers this level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Putting your financial applications in the cloud is also a big win when it comes to costs, both from not having to buy and maintain hardware and software, as well as from having more predictable, lower software-related payments that can be tuned up and down based on your organization’s evolving needs and usage of the system. To see an example of the cost savings, I encourage you to read the customer success story on Canto—they switched from Microsoft Dynamics to Intacct and achieved full payback in just eight months, with an average annual benefit of nearly $50,000.

In addition to all those cost savings, cloud financial systems bring huge productivity gains, both for “Jimmy” in your IT organization, as well as your finance team. With processes flowing automatically between multiple cloud systems, your team doesn't have to spend as much time on cumbersome manual tasks like monthly consolidations in Excel.

Take a quick listen to Clark's interview with eCornell on the security and cost benefits of the cloud in a short video.

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