Industry Insights—A Conversation with Brian Terrell

For our latest industry insights post we interviewed Brian Terrell, founder of both BTerrell Group and CodePartners. BTerrell Group helps mid-market companies discover the ERP, CRM, and HRMS software solutions that are right for their business. BTerrell Group then works alongside its clients to implement, migrate, and support the processes to ensure business operations function smoothly and seamlessly.

During our interview, Brian spoke with us about reducing internal business challenges, the power of SaaS models, and the opportunity enabled by automation.

INTACCT: BTerrell prides itself on empowering SMB’s to discover and eliminate internal business challenges. Could you briefly detail some of the ways you accomplish this with your clients?

BRIAN TERRELL: BTerrell Group believes in helping our clients "do more work with less effort!” We accomplish this by bringing over 23 years of experience to identifying workflow bottlenecks and helping clients think outside of the box. Because of the close relationship with our sister company, CodePartners, we can tailor Intacct to better eliminate internal challenges through platform development, application integration, user interface modification, and report creation. Also, we work with other Intacct channel partners and their client companies, which expand the body of experience we bring to every challenge. Our time tested implementation and development methodologies encompass the full life cycles of these project types. We achieve consistently good results because we follow procedures that have worked for our clients over and over again.

INTACCT: In your experience, what have been the biggest changes in how your clients have utilized technology over the past decade?

BT: I have seen great economies made available to SMB clients through technology over the years, including distributed real time system access and hardware virtualization. Currently, the cloud offers to set business finance and accounting departments free from the day to day burden of infrastructure management so they can focus on business process improvement, client satisfaction, and strategic planning. Security, uptime, and maintenance for mission critical applications and their infrastructure used to consume management's time and resources—these days are quickly fading. Imagine the value created in each company because cloud computing allows everyone to forget about whether the system is up in favor of focusing on what the company does best!

INTACCT: You’ve said that innovation and automation are two topics you most enjoy discussing at conferences. What are the biggest strides you’ve seen in these areas? Any key influencers come to mind?

BT: The cloud changed the game forever by creating unprecedented integration opportunities between best-in-class applications. Today's web applications enable talented developers to use platform development tools and web services to tailor functionality and connect to other transaction sources. A well architected cloud offering eliminates the old application segregation penalties that drove up utilization, customization, maintenance, and upgrade costs. Multi-tenant, best in class web applications like Intacct and Salesforce set the standards very high for all others to follow!

INTACCT: What lessons can SMB’s take from enterprise-size companies regarding best practices in cloud deployments?

BT: Enterprise companies take very little for granted in areas of security, availability, integrity, and redundancy. They hire cloud experts to ensure they cover these important bases. They don't hesitate to implement best in class security processes like multi factor authentication. And, they measure often to compare actual against projected return on investment. SMB channel partners must take the cloud expert role and educate small to midsize companies in both the benefits and responsibilities of the cloud.

INTACCT: What are your predictions for the evolution of the accounting and financial management software industry in the near future?

BT: We will see the complete "mobilization" of everything, including finance and accounting software. I'm not sure every A/P clerk will want to write a check using their phone, but they will certainly be able to. Connected best-in-class applications will dominate as publishers continue to build out web-based business applications with open APIs. And, the nature of integration and automation will be rocked by virtual full time equivalents that will trigger a massive on-shoring of business processes. Oh, and one more thing...the death of the paper check in the United States...finally!

INTACCT: How about a few questions just for fun:

What’s your favorite fun thing to do on a night out in your town?

BT: I enjoy cooking up a yummy meal of steak, hamburgers, or hot dogs (or all three!) on the outdoor grill for my family to enjoy at the end of a weekend day. Of course, that’s not really a night out on the town, but there's no place else I’d rather be!

What’s a must-see restaurant for those visiting Dallas?

BT: Fogo de Chao, the gold standard in Brazilian churrascarias, headquarters in Dallas. I was "in the house" the day their first restaurant opened in 1997, and I signed their first tax return. Fogo dominates their category and has been our client since opening day.

As an avid cyclist, is there a favorite race, route, or trail you most enjoy?

BT: I love any race, route, or trail on which I am able to ride with my two daughters. When they are busy, I enjoy the WAM 300 from Traverse City, Michigan to Brooklyn International Speedway the last week in July, the BP MS 150 from Houston to Austin with the Ol' Army Cycling team in late April, or the White Rock Trail from Valley View Park to White Rock Lake in Dallas just about any day of the year!