Industry Insights—A Conversation with Nik Puni

Intacct is very proud of the partners we’ve teamed up with to help our customers extend their success in the cloud—many Intacct Partners have deep expertise in specific industries, or complementary business solutions to help users gain even greater value from Intacct.

I recently sat down with Nik Puni, President of Sererra, an Intacct partner. Nik has over 15 years of software development, project management and systems integration expertise along with a proven track record of ERP implementations. He is a certified consultant for a number of ERP and CRM applications, including Intacct and Salesforce.

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Sererra has helped over 700 businesses implement cutting-edge technologies that cut IT costs in half. Since 2002, Sererra has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and seen them grow by double and triple digits year-over-year by helping them to streamline and scale their businesses with Sererra’s cloud solutions.

During our interview, we discussed changes in the financial management systems market, challenges in moving from and on-premise solution to the cloud, and the advantages of working with a best-in-class solution versus a suite.

INTACCT: How have you seen the market for financial management systems change in the past 10 years?

Nik Puni: Financial management systems have evolved a lot over the last 10 years in terms of financial reporting an analytics. In recent years there’s been a push towards better financial reporting along with folding in operational metrics as well. I’m excited to see where this goes 10 years from now.

INTACCT: Where do you see the cloud financial market going in the next 10 years?

NP: In terms of the cloud financial market, I see these applications adding more analytical capabilities and business intelligence tools. Also, with integrations I predict we’ll see more and more companies having pre-built integrations so customers don’t have to build them on their own, but instead just pick one from their selected marketplace and turn it on whenever they’re ready.

INTACCT: What are some challenges and benefits of moving from on-premises solutions to cloud-based?

NP: Migrating to a cloud based application is no different than migrating from any other system, if anything, it’s easier. The systems are more readily available, there’s nothing to provision, and setting up the system is more about configuration versus programming. Also, the finance team is able to take full ownership of the financial applications so they’re not as dependant on the IT department to set systems up and manage security. They also don’t have to worry about disaster recovery or hosting; it makes that transition a lot easier.

INTACCT: You have the most apps on the Intacct Marketplace, how easy has it been to work with the Intacct platform to extend the solutions?

NP: We’ve been working with Intacct for a little over six years now and during that time we’ve developed between 25-30 applications. Building apps around Intacct has been a great experience—Intacct as a company is very collaborative, really accessible, and always available in terms of best practices and advice so we’re able to develop applications faster than we’ve normally been able to do.

INTACCT: What are the 2-3 top apps you’ve created for our joint customers?

NP: Our most popular apps are Fixed Assets, Automated Dunning Letters, and Subscription Billing. We’re most excited about our Subscription Billing application; it really allows our customers to support many different complex billing scenarios. We are able to provide a solution that is completely integrated with Intacct and gives customers visibility into deferred revenue and billing as well.

INTACCT: Can you explain the advantages of working with a best-in-class solution versus a suite?

NP: The main advantage I see in a best-in-class solution versus a suite is that customers get to work with the best that the market has to offer and pick the solutions that work best for their business. Members of the organizations also get to work within applications that were tailored for their role rather than an application that was designed to support a lot of different functionalities or different types of tasks.

INTACCT: What kind of success has Sererra seen from working with Intacct?

NP: We’ve enjoyed growth just as Intacct has over the last six or seven years and it’s been very exciting to grow side-by-side. We’ve been able to implement Intacct for hundreds of companies literally around the world, and have helped a number of companies prepare for their IPO’s. It’s always exciting to these companies go public with systems that we’ve implemented for them. I think it’s important to recognize that there’s no perfect software out there, and our relationship with Intacct has allowed us to work together and be successful not for only ourselves but also our customers and make them referenceable.

INTACCT: Intacct Advantage 2014, our annual customer and partner conference, is coming up in a few months and Sererra is one of the sponsors. What do you see as the biggest benefit for customers attending the conference?

NP:Every year it seems that Intacct Advantage gets bigger and more elegant and exciting. From what we know so far, there’s going to be a lot of new features released this year. As with every year, there’s always been a large attendance at the event. It’s a great opportunity to connect with our customers and for our customers to connect with their peers to learn best practices within their vertical as well. It’s fantastic to be able to sit down with our customers and make sure that they’re getting the most out of their system.

Have additional questions for Nik? Feel free to post them in the comments section and we’ll track down his responses. To find out more about Sererra, please visit their website. You can also connect with Nik on LinkedIn.