In front of a packed house, Dan Miller, Intacct’s VP of Product Management, and Aaron Harris, Intacct’s CTO, highlighted new ways Intacct is empowering finance teams to streamline processes and drive growth for their organization. Intacct continues to adapt to the changing needs of fast-growing midsize companies by delivering a modern, easy to use solution that makes finance teams more efficient, productive, and strategic.

During the keynote, the Intacct product executives provided a preview of the Intacct Action User Experience, the new user interface for Intacct. Currently in beta testing, the new Action User Experience is intuitive and modern, delivering unique features that save users time and provide insight to more effective business operations.

Here are some of the other highlighted items from the keynote:

Intacct Spend Management provides both buyers and finance team members with the automated and granular controls that are required to efficiently keep spending within budget. Nonprofits can also ensure that funds are used to the fullest in order to achieve the greatest impact, while staying in budget compliance and maintaining accountability.

To learn more, please see today’s press release on Intacct Spend Management.

New Project-Centric ERP Capabilities
Growing services firms face the challenge of delivering their services on-time and on-budget across an expanding portfolio of projects. To enable these companies to sustain and even accelerate profitable growth, Intacct today announced new project-centric ERP functionality.

To learn more, please see today’s press release on the new project-centric ERP capabilities.

Contract and Revenue Management

With sweeping new accounting regulations from ASC 606 looming, Intacct also shared updates on recently launched products around contract billing and contract revenue management. In May, Intacct launched the industry’s first automated solution to help companies navigate the complexities created by ASC 606. Earlier this month, Intacct also launched Intacct Contract Billing for CRM, which enables companies to unify billing, reporting, and ASC 606-compliant accounting for organizations using Salesforce.

Initial customer reaction to these new Intacct applications has been strong. Details on some of the customer feedback is available in a separate customer announcement released today.

“Every R&D dollar at Intacct is spent on providing innovative product functionality that drives value to our customers,” said Dan Miller. “Our cloud ERP software delivers a depth of financial capabilities you won’t find in a software suite. It’s also more flexible—adapting easily to the way organizations need and want to do business. At Intacct Advantage 2016, we are showcasing the new ways Intacct is making finance teams more insightful and productive.”

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