Intacct was pleased to host a number of media and analysts again this year at Intacct Advantage 2016. These influencers have already provided thoughtful and compelling coverage on their time at the conference.

Check out what they had to say:

Ranica Arrowsmith of Accounting Today: Intacct Advantage 2016: Analytics Takes Center Stage

o   Quote: “New releases for 2017 are heavily focused on analytics, because, according to chief technology officer Aaron Harris, ‘At its heart, the accounting profession is about enabling organizations to make better decisions.’ For this reason, Harris said, when Intacct was building out its new embedded finance analytics tool, it knew it would be over-investing in reporting and insight.”

Jeffrey Kaplan of Datamation: What’s Driving CFOs to the Cloud?

o   Quote: “What made the event particularly impressive was not its size – after you’ve been to’s Dreamforce mega-conference every other event seems relatively small. Instead, it was the energy and enthusiasm of the Intacct customers and partners about the power of the cloud-based financial management applications and opportunity to redefine the role of the finance department because of this new functionality.”

Jon Reed of Diginomica: Non-profits speak to their mission, and why cloud ERP matters – live at Intacct Advantage

o   Quote: “A non-profit customer panel at Intacct Advantage challenged assumptions on how non-profits think. These cloud ERP projects are directly connected to achieving bodacious – and necessary – organizational missions. Agile ERP also got a new catchphrase: ‘front porch accounting.’”

Jon Reed of Diginomica: Sparta Systems shares cloud financials project insights – live at Intacct Advantage

o   Quote: “You have to respect a customer that’s willing to field questions from a flock of pesky analysts. Libby Klayman of Sparta Systems took the plunge, sharing the story of their Intacct cloud financials project – complete with complex third party integrations.”

Eric Christopher of Zylo: Zylo's Top 3 Takeaways From Intacct's #IA16 Conference

o   Quote: “At Intacct Advantage, we learned that it’s common for executives to have a false sense of security that their technology investments are understood and under control. But many financial executives in particular are aware that obtaining accurate visibility is challenging. In addition, the SaaS landscape is changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to obtain a real-time view of what’s happening across the organization.”

We’re already looking forward to Advantage 2017 in Las Vegas and hosting more media and analysts next year!

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