Intacct delivers best-in-class cloud accounting and finance applications that easily integrate with other best-in-class cloud solutions such as Salesforce, Avalara, Orange Leap, and many more. These software partners seamlessly link to and share transactions with Intacct using web services or the Intacct Platform. Many Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and payroll providers have supplied compatible, manual import integration with Intacct for years, but soon a cloud-to-cloud, bi-synchronous HRMS link utilizing Intacct's superior integration capabilities will be available.

The need for a two-way, automatic, web services based HRMS connection supporting payroll transactions, Intacct dimensions, Intacct projects, and Intacct time and expense data is well understood. According to the Center for Entrepreneurship at Belmont University, salaries and wages typically account for 60-80% of a small company’s costs.. In addition, employees create additional non-payroll expenses. By using web services to integrate HRMS transactions with Intacct, companies may now include their largest business expenses to more quickly and easily calculate the true cost of doing business.

Of course, Human Resource Management Systems do much more than just process payroll and comply with tax laws and regulations. HRMS maintains and automates all the critical functions surrounding a business' chief asset—the employees who provide the company with knowledge and labor. With these systems, companies can:

  • Manage an employee's complete demographic record
  • Administer the company's benefits plans
  • Accrue paid time off, and
  • Automate recruiting

These and other HR management capabilities create additional synchronization opportunities between Intacct and HRMS, well beyond the requirements of payroll processing and tax compliance.

What does best-in-class, bisynchronous, automated, and accurate integration between cloud applications look like? Think about how a vendor’s check written in Intacct Accounts Payable automatically appears as a transaction in Intacct General Ledger. Or, how an invoice originated in Salesforce automatically appears as a transaction in Intacct Accounts Receivable. Beyond this, complete integration means support for Intacct dimensions, a key component of Intacct's best-in-class pedigree.

BTerrell Group will announce an automated cloud-to-cloud integration with a best-in-class HRMS product at Intacct Advantage 2014 in Orlando. To learn more, please stop by our booth when you get to the show, visit the BTerrell blog, or just pick up the phone and give us a call! See you in Orlando!