Intacct Announces its Customer Success Award Winners

Intacct announced the winners of our 2015 Customer Success Awards this morning in front of a record-breaking audience at our largest Advantage conference to date! Intacct CEO Robert Reid presented this year’s awards to four deserving companies:, Marketo, Solutionreach, and System One.

The Intacct Customer Success Awards recognize organizations that have used Intacct to dramatically improve business and financial operations, as well as their bottom lines. We received a record number of submissions for the awards this year, and narrowed the nominees down to 12 finalists. Here is a closer look at these companies and their results with Intacct: is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Founded in 2000, teachers at 68 percent of all the public schools in America have now created at least one project request on, and close to two million people have donated more than $370 million to fund more than 630,000 projects. In 2013, made the switch from Blackbaud to Intacct’s cloud ERP software to help streamline processes, gain alignment between their partnership and finance teams, and increase visibility into their operations.

One of the biggest struggles had before moving to Intacct was revenue recognition for their corporate grants. Their previous financial system was not integrated with—so finance had no visibility into when grants were received by their partner team. Since moving to Intacct, they’ve been able to significantly streamline this process by connecting Intacct and Salesforce to eliminate duplicate data entry and gain complete visibility into the grant lifecycle in a timely and accurate basis.

Marketo is the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions. The company moved from QuickBooks to Intacct in 2011 and completed a successful IPO in 2013. Marketo has grown significantly in that time, with revenues increasing from $14 million in 2011 to an estimated $210 million this year. Marketo uses Intacct as the financial hub of an integrated best-in-class system that also includes leading solutions such as Salesforce, Workday, Coupa, Nexonia, and Host Analytics, among others.

Prior to Intacct, Marketo was struggling with a lack of internal controls on their financial system, unwieldy workflows, and manual revenue recognition and close processes. Intacct has enabled Marketo to streamline processes and eliminate manual data re-entry. This has enabled them to grow the business without adding finance staff at the same pace—saving significant headcount costs and allowing them to focus employees on more value-added tasks.

Solutionreach offers cloud-based solutions for total patient engagement, serving health care providers such as dentists, physicians, and optometrists. The company has grown revenues 50 percent consistently over the past several years, and as this growth accelerated, its finance team needed a modern financial system. They moved from QuickBooks to Intacct’s cloud ERP software to more efficiently handle the company’s exploding B2B subscriptions revenue model, while providing greater visibility into business performance.

Solutionreach was able to establish a highly-efficient subscription lifecycle management process that has more than kept pace with its thirty-fold increase in monthly subscription volumes. Using Intacct’s revenue recognition capabilities and Intacct Subscription Billing, along with other best-in-class applications like Salesforce CRM, Solutionreach was able to streamline its subscription lifecycle management process. Intacct also provides increased visibility and insight to help the finance team confidently report SaaS metrics, revenue, and overall expenses for each new market the business enters—enabling Solutionreach to make smart decisions about when to hire and expand into new vertical markets.

System One is a leading provider of specialized workforce solutions and integrated services, and stands as one of the largest professional staffing firms in the U.S., with more than 6,000 employees across 50+ offices. The company has more than tripled revenue since 2008 and switched from Oracle to Intacct in 2013, looking for a cloud ERP system that would help streamline processes and improve their reporting and analysis capabilities.

With Intacct, System One has significantly streamlined its processes and enabled its existing staff to move away from tedious data entry to more strategic activities. In addition, Intacct’s reporting capabilities have streamlined the report creation process and eliminated work previously done in Excel spreadsheets. Intacct delivers the flexibility to easily create custom reports and enables the company to spend more time analyzing financial and operational data, instead of rekeying data to manipulate in spreadsheets.

These award winners have eliminated hundreds of hours of manual processes, increased business insights, managed rapid expansion, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced financial staffing needs using Intacct’s best-in-class cloud ERP software.

Congratulations to our 2015 award winners!