Intacct Takes a Stand for Equality

With the recent national discussion around discriminatory legislation being put forward in several states where Intacct conducts business, I felt it was important to share our viewpoint. One aspect of being a CEO that I appreciate is being able to occasionally use that platform to take a stance on important issues. Equality is an important social issue and I recognize the magnitude of my responsibility to do right by others—friends, business partners, my employees, and customers.

With regard to doing the right thing for our employees—that is just built in to the culture at Intacct. It is a natural extension, as it must be. At Intacct, we believe diversity is paramount for us to do the best for our customers and our team. Discrimination of any sorts is morally and ethically wrong, whether it be gender, racial, sexual orientation, religion, or age.

Protection of religious freedom and one’s beliefs is a necessary part of society; but it is crucial to convey to state legislators that their decisions to undo the progress of the last 60 years by curtailing human rights under the false banner of religious freedom contradict the best interests of all.

Unfortunately, several states have recently recognized church doctrine as a legal defense for businesses or individuals who violate someone else’s right to work, teach, marry, adopt children, hold public office, or make healthcare decisions. While churches should remain free to practice as they see appropriate for them, to truly protect religious freedom and diversity, governments should ensure that no one church—however popular—can impose its precepts on others.

At a time when competition for talent is at an all time high, protecting our employees and their families is not only the right thing to do—it’s also good business. Intacct is proud to stand with the growing number of individuals and businesses opposing this harmful legislation, and we encourage you to take a stand as well.