Intacct's Summer Reading List

With fall officially underway, we hope you’re starting to wrap up your summer reading list! But for those out there who are bookworms well after the leaves start changing colors and the pool towels are packed away, check out some of Intacct’s top blogs from this summer. Who knows, maybe these posts will even bring you back to those long, summer beach days…

Like all nonprofit organizationsfaith-based ministries are experiencing increased pressure, oversight, and demand for transparency from all sides. This blog explores the key benefits and concerns around the cloud, examines the current state of cloud computing, and helps faith-based organizations understand why cloud computing offers tremendous opportunity with limited risk.

Hear from Aman Singh, Intacct’s Senior Director of QA & Release, and Robert Kleinschmidt, Intacct’s Vice President of Engineering, about how the cloud industry has changed over the past decade, trends in the marketplace, and why Intacct engineers stick around year after year.

Software executives know they need to operate their businesses with more agility because of the pace and volume of change due to innovation and new competitive offerings. C-suite executives grappling with how to turn plans into action faster than ever before will benefit from learning these four crucial enablers of agility and growth.

For many chief financial officers, directing an initial public offering is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks they undertake. Jeff Epstein, operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, shares the five essential steps a CFO should take so as to be ready to tackle the responsibilities posed by an IPO and help the company thrive as a public entity.

After being frequently asked the secret to building a successful business, Intacct CEO, Robert Reid, sits down and shares the five ingredients in his not-really magic formula for small or medium-sized business success.

So there you have it! We may not be able to bring back the lazy summer days and warm nights, but Intacct can still provide great content to help you kick off a fantastic fall and successful season.