Whether your team faces the month-end mayhem or the daily data distraction, here are five signs that your company needs to invest in a sales performance management platform.

1. CFO Calculation Calamity

The CFO is pushing hard to close the books for the month and urgently needs to know how much expenses to include for commissions. You look at your schedule for the week and outside of pulling a few late nights, there’s no way you’ll be able to run all the sales compensation calculations in time to meet their deadline.

2. Sales SPIF SOS

The first month of the quarter was lighter than expected and the VP of Sales just called. She’s worried about hitting her numbers this quarter and is trying to figure out how to fund a SPIF to boost sales. She needs some urgent information on how much of this year’s commission budget has been spent so far. Looks like you’re cancelling your weekend plans to crunch the numbers.

3. ‎Manual Modeling Mayhem

The team is preparing for the quarterly business reviews for the North American sales and you just received the 20th email from the sales manager asking for YTD performance numbers on all the metrics (revenue, profitability and new cloud services clients). As if that weren’t enough work for you, there’s another casual ask at the end of the email: Could you project how each person will do next quarter based on their current sales pipeline?

4. Annual Assessment Avalanche

At the start of Q4 the CFO laid out an aggressive planning schedule for the next year. Part of the long list of to-do’s include:

  • Creating regional projections for each sales team on how they will close the year
  • Calculating revenue and profitability for core products and service lines
  • Developing a compensation model for the next fiscal year based on this year’s projections

They’ve also asked for the flexibility to be able to tweak and “iterate” on the model.

5. Fire Drill Frenzy

These daily, weekly, and monthly fire drills are frustrating because you know that you can help the organization more if you could just tame these one-off requests.

If it’s broken…

You’re already using Intacct for accounting, but what about your sales planning? Maybe you still use manual spreadsheets? Or maybe you got someone to write a little code to automate them? But it seems to take even longer to do everything now because you have to make sure the formulas and macros are correct, check that the data import and export worked, and keep the spreadsheets from “automatically” giving you the wrong answers.

Or maybe you invested in a third party software solution that’s gotten you locked into the vendor’s way of doing things and every change you want to make winds up costing you time and money. Lots of money.

Those are our five signs that your company needs to invest in a sales performance management platform. If you have more, please reach out or leave your tips in the comments!