In case you missed it, here’s a recap of July’s top blog posts!

Advice for New Controllers in Managing Accounts Payable

Congratulations! You’ve just accepted a new role as controller of an amazing company. It’s a fantastic opportunity and you cannot wait to sink your teeth into the role. Whether this is an internal promotion, or a move from a different company, you no doubt have many great ideas on how to improve the company.

Coming in with a fresh perspective gives you a huge advantage in fixing some of the challenges that your reports may be facing right now. The company may already have a specific set of processes in place for the various financial processes such as Accounts Payable, but that does not mean that there is not room for improvement.

Here’s what you can do in your new role to not just manage but improve Accounts Payable.

10 Critical Dashboard Metrics Every CFO Should Have Access To

Any business or company that utilizes financial data for decision-making and strategy needs to have the appropriate tools in place for the Chief Financial Officer to do his or her job. The CFO’s typical day is putting out fires and anticipating where the next big one will be so that resources can meet it, avoiding a conflagration altogether. As a result, real time financial data, measurements, and snapshots are critical to keep a tab on the company pulse and early warning signs of financial problems.

In that regard, any enterprise system or financial system you should consider needs to be able to provide a CFO 10 minimum dashboards or snapshots absent anything else when it comes to reporting. 

A Customer Success Story: HB3 Group

Brian Bullerman and Hank Barnard, co-owners of HB3 Group, recently sat down to discuss the pivotal moment they learned it was time to grow their business, working with Sage Intacct partner WVC RubixCloud, and the success metrics that they’ve seen since going live with Sage Intacct.

Check out this Q&A blog to learn more.

How to Avoid Being a Workaholic CFO or Controller

CFO Magazine recently wrote an article on the 10 habits of highly effective CFOs.

One of the first things that they stressed was that being a workaholic CFO is a mistake. “Workaholics are not the best long-term performers. There are times in all our careers when we have to work 80 or 90 hours a week and forgo other things. But it’s not a wise long-term strategy.” Striking that healthy work-life balance is essential, and this blog details why.

A Summer of Success for Sage Intacct

It’s been a busy and successful summer here so far at Sage Intacct and we wanted to take a minute to update our readers on some fabulous awards that our organization and employees have recently received!

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