Summer has arrived, and not a moment too soon! In case you missed it, here’s a recap of this past month’s top blog posts!

Stop Simply Chugging Along with Your Accounting Software

In this post, the Black River Technologies team discusses their surprise by the number of organizations that are still 'chugging along' with either an entry level software package like QuickBooks, or outdated on premise solutions provided by Microsoft or Sage.

Black River Technologies then shares how organizations that have moved to best-in-class software are making the shift from being historians, documenting what has happened in the recent past, to owning their operations and driving what happens in the future. A prime example of a company that made this shift is Trian Partners, a multi-billion dollar asset management firm located in New York. Click the post to learn more!

Cloud Financial Management Apps: 7 Things SaaS and Subscription-based Businesses Want

When it comes to optimizing ERP in the cloud for comprehensive, integrated financial management, key organizational goals are typically to streamline financial business processes, leverage new technologies for better collaboration and productivity, and fuel business intelligence with real-time information.

Today’s competitive SaaS businesses want to operate with real-time, accurate metrics driven by transactional data to empower effective, insightful and fast decision making. But what does that entail?

ComputData shares their insight in this post.

Reading for the Data-Driven CFO

Ian Howells, CMO at Intacct, shares a number of interesting articles that explore how approaches taken by leading companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon affect our daily lives, and addresses how to apply these approaches to accounting and financial software. 

For CFOs thinking about how they can optimize their business by being more data driven, he’ll be examining these articles in the following series of blog posts.

Check out his first post here.

6 Signs It's Time to Switch ERP Software Providers

Switching ERP software providers is no small matter. You may, however, be resistant to change due to financial constraints, the time implementation and training may take, or what a new system could mean for your operations.

The reality is, if you’re failing to meet customer needs and noticing process inefficiencies, waiting to switch could hurt your business in the long run. How do you know when you’ve reached the point where making a change is worth it?

Jessica Barrett Halcom, from, takes a look at six signs it’s time to switch ERP software providers.

Intacct Continues to Shine

Intacct recently announced that it has been awarded a 2017 Bay Area Top Workplaces award by the Bay Area News Group, making it the seventh straight year Intacct has earned this honor!

Intacct also recently moved in to the 10th floor to accommodate our increasing and steady growth over the past few years. Each floor of Intacct’s corporate headquarters still offer an open floor plan with ergonomic desks and sweeping views of downtown San Jose and the surrounding hills. The company offices also boast a bevy of perks for employees—including a game room, several spacious kitchens with company-sponsored snacks, plenty of meeting rooms, and great informal collaboration areas.

Even better…Intacct is hiring for a number of exciting positions!

It’s been a busy season here at Intacct and we’re already looking forward to kicking off the next quarter strong! Don’t miss a beat; keep up with Intacct in real-time on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and YouTube.