In recognition of Intacct’s investment and commitment to the accounting industry, in 2009 the AICPA and its subsidiary named Intacct as its first and only preferred provider of financial applications.

Kevin Cumley joined Intacct in September 2014 as the new director of the Intacct Accountants Program and has played a huge role in helping Intacct continue its growth with accounting firms and further strengthen Intacct’s relationship with

I sat down with Kevin recently so he could share how things have been progressing since we last spoke.

Can you give us an update on the Intacct Accountants Program (IAP)?

Certainly, we’ve had an extremely successful year since we last spoke and our accountants program is continuing to thrive! The IAP provides a tremendous level of support, resources, and benefits to our partners… it is a team effort and all of us involved with IAP are extremely proud of where the program is going.

Our channel represents a broad variety of different size and types of firms ranging from small BPO’s all the way up to Top 10 CPA firms, each focused on a specific industry vertical or niche, which provides our mutual Intacct customers a wide and robust range of expertise. There is now so much interest in our program that we have become very selective about the firms who want to join. We want to make sure that each and every IAP partner regardless of their size are the best in the industry, and that we enable and support them to have huge success. This high standard helps ensure that our quality remains consistent which inspires a lot of trust and confidence in the industry.

Most recently, Accounting Today honored 28 Intacct partners on its Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders list and six IAP partners on its list of the fastest growing firms in the U.S.

What is it about the Intacct Accountants Program that has some of the top partners in the industry so eager to align with Intacct?

Again, we are the only solution that AICPA and have designated as their preferred provider of financial applications, plus we deliver our program in partnership with which is a significant advantage for our partners. 

We have also assembled the best team in the industry to help and support IAP partners, their hard work and dedication is really the heart and soul of our success! Of course Intacct is also the highest rated and most scalable comprehensive financial platform available today which helps our partners to deliver high-value accounting and advisory services to their clients.

We are now recognized as a top solution for many verticals including high-tech startups, franchises, health care, and non-profits to name a few. For firms that focus in these niches it makes it easy for them to achieve early success with our program. For example, we now have many venture capital and private equity firms that consider Intacct and our IAP partners the standard “go-to” solution for high-tech companies where they invest.

Last year you discussed the Intacct Accountants Program Advisory Council and how it provides an important communication link between Intacct,, and our accounting partner community. Can you give us a little more detail on that?

Sure, the purpose of our advisory council is to create a collaborative connection between Intacct,, and our Intacct Accountants Program (IAP) partners where we can discuss issues of mutual interest and help develop ideas that will improve our program and increase the success of all stakeholders. It is comprised of a variety of size and type partners to help ensure equal representation of our channel. The council provides an important communication link between Intacct, and the IAP partner channel, and they advise on various issues including product and program related matters.

You recently made some changes to IAP training and certification, can you tell us a little more about that?

We have definitely raised the bar in this area, the IAP team worked extensively with the incredible Intacct education group to create a new training and certification program. Each partner must go through extensive training and then pass a very challenging certification exam to ensure that each person involved in IAP has the necessary skills to deliver high-value services and successful projects for our mutual customers. It’s another example of our high level of commitment to the program and ongoing level of investment we make to further the success of all involved.

Intacct has had a longstanding, excellent relationship with Can you give us any updates on how that is going?

It’s true; we are in our seventh year of working together and it just keeps getting better. The partnership is going exceptionally well and we’re experiencing significant growth. We work together very well, and both parties are adding more team members so that we can continue to achieve the high level of success that we’ve committed to and seen thus far. I’m very excited to see how this expanding relationship will continue to benefit Intacct, our partners, and mutual customers… it’s a win-win-win-win!

What do you think sets Intacct apart from the competition?

I’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years and to be frank, there are things you can do with Intacct that you simply can never dream of doing with the older, outdated on-prem client server products… I’m amazed that they’re still even around.

Intacct is consistently on the cutting edge of innovation and that’s why I feel we attract the top partners in the industry year after year. We have always been a true SaaS, multi-tenant solution designed from the ground up as a platform for accountants to deliver outsourced services… no other product comes close to this functionality that we provide our partners. Intacct enables best in class straightforward collaboration, better uptime statistics than anyone else in the industry, and the crucial real-time access that today’s CFOs and accountants absolutely require.

So what’s next for IAP?

We will continue investing, growing, and staying ahead of the competition… simply put, we are (and will continue to be) the best accountants program in the industry! The growth in outsourcing is unprecedented, and our partnership with and the AICPA positions us better than any other company to fully leverage this incredible opportunity. We’re definitely at the right place at the right time and if firms don’t get onboard now—or aren’t already in—they’re going to get left behind.

Learn more about the Intacct Accountants Program or becoming an Intacct partner.