iWired, a leader in home automation and integration, has connected more than 20,000+ homes to the “internet of things”. iWired is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is known for creating the products and services that bring your automated home or office to life.

In 2017, iWired concluded that they needed a cloud-based enterprise-grade platform to support their rapid growth. The organization realized that in order to grow their business, paper schedules, spreadsheets with contracted rates, working in multiple disconnected application, and little real-time visibility into operations was not going to be sustainable. IWired couldn’t wait until the end-of-month financial close to view they data, and needed to see if they were profitable in real-time, as soon as the work orders closed. Other challenges included:

  • Needing an integrated quote-to-cash process in the cloud to enable them to eliminate paper and siloed processes.
  • Real-time visibility at the job level to make critical business decisions.
  • Mobile work order management which was built for a mobile-first user experience for field technicians with offline capabilities.
  • Just-in-time inventory procurement closely tied to field service and asset management.

iWired heard about Sage Intacct through KloudGin, one of our Marketplace Partners. They offer a cloud based complete intelligent field service and asset management software solution helping companies of all sizes manage service to cash process. After considering SAP Business One, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Intuit QuickBooks, iWired conclude that Sage Intacct was the best fit for their cloud financial management software needs.

iWired was attracted to Sage Intacct due to our one, unified, intelligent cloud ERP platform, and liked that Sage Intacct offered out of the box integration with KloudGin. “Having out-of-the-box, seamless integration between KloudGin and Sage Intacct has enabled us to drill down to the lowest level of our transactions and make rapid business decisions based on real-time visibility by using best-of-breed cloud solutions,” said William Brewer, Controller at iWired.

Sage Intacct is different; iWired recognized the need for greater innovation, and selected us to support their rapid growth. Sage Intacct helps highly aspirational and driven professionals increase efficiency and growth for their organizations. In other words, our difference is helping you make a difference. How? By automating your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better. And by giving you greater insight and flexibility—so you can make confident long-term decisions, then act fast to execute changes.

Find out more about how we’re built to be different, and why it matters to you. Also, be sure to check out the dozens of other Sage Intacct customer success stories available.