Managing Professional Services Complexities

Professional services businesses consistently strive to deliver client value and ensure project profitability. This drives a need for real-time visibility into project status, margins, and cost management. The ability to seamlessly combine financial information and project information in one system, ensure total transparency into the business, improve operational efficiencies, and increase finance department productivity is a must for successful professional services businesses.

Professional services organizations are increasingly looking to leverage best-in-class cloud accounting software—like Intacct—to conquer their biggest financial challenges.

Intacct provides professional financial management and accounting software for streamlining your services business using a single, connected system to manage the end-to-end process of delivering services to your customers—on-time, within budget—and improve revenue per employee.

With Intacct, users can create a single source of business intelligence using an end-to-end system that brings together sales, services, and finance. Intacct connects project information with robust financial management—making it easier to deliver services on time, on budget, and within scope —helping you improve on-time project delivery.

We recently spoke with several Intacct customers and partners to learn more about how these businesses measure project profitability, track employee billable hours, generate granular-level project reports, and manage complex project invoicing. Check out the video below for additional highlights from our conversations.

These companies have been enabled to scale and still delay additional headcount, measure employee utilization and profitability, make timely business decisions and see when a project is over budget, and analyze revenue by client.

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