In case you missed it, here is a look back at this month’s top posts.

Industry Insights: Agworld and Leap the Pond

Steve Hilton, CFO of Agworld, recently shared with Intacct Partner, Leap the Pond, why Agworld chose Intacct.

4 Core Financial Features to Look for in ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can feel large and unwieldy. As a buyer or user, you may ask yourself if you need all of its features and how exactly this system will impact your bottom line.

While every ERP is different, there are a handful of core financial features will help teams in any industry track and reduce costs while growing the business in a unified fashion.

Tamara Scott of TechnologyAdvice shares that though not all industries will need every feature, most companies will need an ERP that addresses specific functional areas.

Transitioning to ASC 606 - Modified or Full Retrospective?

Companies have two options when implementing the new Revenue from Contracts with Customers standard, codified as ASC 606. You can take a retrospective approach or a modified retrospective approach. Both approaches require significant effort to account for contracts under both the old and the new guidance before and during the transition year, and clients with whom we’ve spoken express concern that this parallel processing is the greatest single challenge currently offered by ASC 606.

Brian Terrell takes a quick look at each approach, and offer a few reasons why a company might choose one over the other.

Managing SaaS Metrics Throughout the Company Lifecycle (Part 1)

As SaaS companies scale, there are a variety of key metrics that are needed to fully understand organizational health and determine the best ways to optimize the business. The importance of these metrics change throughout the company lifecycle, as do the underlying processes that produce them.

In this first part of his series, David Appel takes a look at the key metrics that all top SaaS companies are tracking and their importance throughout the company growth lifecycle.

Managing SaaS Metrics Throughout the Company Lifecycle (Part 2)

In David's last post, he talked about the different metrics you need to focus on at your different stages of growth.  In the second part of his post, we take a look at the processes required to produce and manage the metrics that drive financial transformation.

It’s Month-End Mayhem

Whether your team faces the month-end mayhem or the daily data distraction, Philip Kaszuba, VP of Marketing and Sales at Obero SPM, discusses the five signs that your company needs to invest in a sales performance management platform.

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