In case you missed it, here’s a recap of May’s top blog posts!

The Sage Intacct Journey: A Blog Series with Greg Sands and Kathy Lord, Part 3 and Part 4

Kathy Lord, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success, at Sage Intacct recently sat down with Greg Sands, Founding and Managing Director of Costanoa Ventures, and also a former board member of Intacct, to discuss Sage Intacct’s journey over the past decade. 

Kathy has been with Sage Intacct for over 11 years, and is participating in a four-part blog series with Greg discussing what it takes to build great SaaS companies, the early stages of Sage Intacct, what she would do differently, and knowing the exact signs that it’s time to scale your company.

DFO Streamlines Its Family Office Accounting Practice

Providing accounting and wealth management to high net worth individuals, DFO has grown from a two-person startup into a thriving Family Office. Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors. They are different from traditional wealth management shops in that they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family. QuickBooks and Excel couldn’t keep pace with DFO’s growing complexity and its focus on superior client experience.

This blog explores their success story with Sage Intacct.

United Fire: A Case Study

United Fire wanted to increase the level of customer service that their technicians provided by improving technology, automating processes, and increasing efficiency across the organization.

Their first steps towards this goal were to replace their 20+ year old computer systems and to implement ServiceTrade. However, there was a lack of integration with United Fire’s current accounting system. They needed a cloud-based solution.

This blog highlights their implementation with Sage Intacct.

Meals on Wheels Gains New Speed and Insights

Managing grants from corporate, philanthropic and federal funders is critical for Meals on Wheels America, which supports 5,000 senior nutrition programs across the U.S. The nonprofit needs real-time visibility into funding and expenses to keep programs on track and meet accountability requirements.

That transparency didn’t exist when Don Miller joined Meals on Wheels in 2013 as Chief Financial and Administrator Officer. Miller led an effort to upgrade from QuickBooks and Excel to a robust cloud solution, with Sage Intacct selected over the competition.

Now, Meals on Wheels has the insights it needs for optimal grant management and overall financials, as Miller discusses in a Sage Intacct case study video and in this blog.

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