Managing grants from corporate, philanthropic and federal funders is critical for Meals on Wheels America, which supports 5,000 senior nutrition programs across the U.S. The nonprofit needs real-time visibility into funding and expenses to keep programs on track and meet accountability requirements.

That transparency didn’t exist when Don Miller joined Meals on Wheels in 2013 as Chief Financial and Administrator Officer. Miller led an effort to upgrade from QuickBooks and Excel to a robust cloud solution, with Sage Intacct selected over the competition.

Now, Meals on Wheels has the insights it needs for optimal grant management and overall financials, as Miller discusses in a Sage Intacct case study video.

“The visibility we’ve gained by using Sage Intacct has enabled us to manage our grants much more effectively,” Miller said. “We’re able to see what we want to see, how we want to see it, from a variety of angles — where revenue is coming from, where it’s going out, how we’re performing vs. our plan.”

It’s one of the many benefits that Meals on Wheels has realized with Sage Intacct. The nonprofit is better able to focus resources on its social mission, backing programs that distribute 218 million meals a year to 2.4 million seniors to address hunger and isolation.

“We’ve saved at least one full-time employee as a result of implementing Sage Intacct,” Miller said. Moreover, Meals on Wheels has cut a week from its monthly close cycle, and finance staff can invest more time in review and analysis — “using our brains instead of just our fingers,” as Miller put it.

From Bean Counter to Business Partner

Insights into real-time information and greater efficiency have made Miller’s finance team a much stronger strategic advisor in how the nonprofit operates. That’s even more important as Baby Boomers age and the U.S. senior population grows, and as Meals on Wheels continues to grow at 20% a year since implementing Sage Intacct.

“When I walk into a board meeting, I’m providing them with reports and information they’ve never seen before,” Miller said. “Sage Intacct has really enabled me and my team to go from being bean counters to business partners, and I think that’s the real value the system is bringing to the organization.”

With Sage Intacct, Meals on Wheels America has the flexibility and scale it needs as it expands into new areas, such as deeper partnerships with healthcare providers and insurance companies.

“For me the best things about Sage Intacct are that it’s easy, it’s powerful, it’s cost-effective and the reporting is really flexible,” Miller said. “Now we have the ability to look at our business in a much different way than we were able to previously.”

Watch the video to hear Miller discuss the benefits that Meals on Wheels has realized with Sage Intacct.