Meet the Intacct HR Team!

Intacct takes great pride in having excellent teams on board—people that are innovative, creative, and willing to work and play hard. This month I thought it’d be fun to take readers behind the scenes and highlight the “unsung heroes” here at Intacct. They’re here well after dark, often found planning our next successful event, and are the reason smart, kind people fill the many desks at Intacct. Meet our human resources team!

I sat down with Carmen Cooper, senior human resource manager at Intacct, to chat about the exciting things HR pulled together recently and details on the new things they’ve got planned throughout 2015.

Brittany Benson: 2014 was packed with fun events, successful charity drives, and birthday celebrations. You guys really stay busy!

Carmen Cooper: We do! Last year we did some amazing things: a Habitat for Humanity homebuilding, a Thanksgiving celebration, the company picnic, a scavenger hunt for new hires, Operation Gratitude providing care kits for those in the military, the Second Harvest Food Drive, and a backpack drive for children in need. Everyone had such a great time we’re looking to do some more great events this year.

Outside of those events, the HR team significantly played a role in opening the Romania office and the new headquarters move. We were also busy on boarding a crazy amount of new hires in the calendar year; all the while having nerf wars to take the stress away, happy hours to celebrate milestones, and almost daily lunch breaks together to keep the spirit and relationships intact.

Intacct employees seem to be really active; you guys have put together some events to cater to this as well right?

CC: For sure! We organized a soccer and a softball team last year that will play again this year, and a ping pong tournament as well. We’ve got some very enthusiastic ping pong players here at Intacct!

We’re also really excited to hold the Wellness Challenge again this year. Employees have the option to participate in this challenge to continue on their healthy lifestyle journey, or get back on track. Last year we were amazed to see a total of 261 pounds of weight lost by all participants during this challenge. It’s a fun competition and really exciting to see everyone work so hard toward their goals.

BB: That’s incredible! But not surprising as Intacct seems to be on a winning streak lately..

CC: It’s true! Intacct received so many workplace awards last year like being one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Bay Area News Group’s Top Workplaces for 2014 for the 4th consecutive year, as well as the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2014 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. In addition, Intacct’s CEO, Rob Reid, was named Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEO for 2014 in the SMB category. It’s a fabulous time to be here!

BB: Can you share some exciting things ahead?

CC: I’m particularly looking forward to Intacct releasing a new training series for 2015 that is starting with managers—it’s going to be a great program and really beneficial to the organization. I’m also super excited to see how much Intacct is going to continue to grow. In the past three years we’ve doubled our worldwide employee headcount. The team just keeps getting bigger and better. We’re unstoppable!

BB: HR is a notoriously fun bunch - can you tell me about some of the people you work with and the things you guys do during downtime?

CC: I am likely the (self-proclaimed) loudest, Kristen is the sassiest, and Jeanette is our best-dressed. Randy is our runner/foodie; He loves to feed us. Samantha on the other hand is our pickiest eater. Sophan just keeps the whole show running; I don’t know what we’d do without her.

For downtime activities we love Trivia Crack and quick games of Heads Up. And we love nerf wars (on a daily basis).

Interested in working at Intacct? We’re hiring!