Meet the Intacct Sales Team!

I recently chatted with Wanda Pansky, director of sales development at Intacct, to get an insider’s look on our sales development team, some of the successes the group has seen, and what their goals are in the coming months.

BRITTANY BENSON: Wanda, can you share some of the key highlights that you would like people to know about the sales development team and how you guys work together?

WANDA PANSKY: Absolutely! We’ve got a large team of inbound and outbound sales development representatives, and these core members are responsible for generating opportunities and leads for Intacct.

I realize we’re often one of the first “faces” that a prospect sees so maintaining an incredible level of service across their journey is very important to us. My team provides them with valuable information about the cloud and how they can grow their business exponentially by moving to Intacct.

It’s a fast paced environment and we really have a lot of fun. This is one of the most collaborate, supportive groups I’ve ever worked with, and that makes it a really pleasant environment to be in. They work hard individually and support each other as a team—I can’t ask for more.

BB: You have a notoriously very energetic, passionate team. What do you do to keep them so motivated?

WP: We have a variety of fun team outings, whether its lunches or checking out a great new beer spot; and Intacct also provides them with very special opportunities like going to some of the best tradeshows in the country. By spending time at the Intacct booth during these events they get invaluable face time with customers and prospects, opportunities are created, and they are able to learn from the other sales representatives that are there.

We also do a lot of lunch-and-learns and offer sales training by John Barrows on how to prospect at the top of the funnel—Intacct is committed to helping each team member continuously improve and build upon their knowledge and skill set.

It all comes down to hiring people that are already highly motivated. For people with high aspirations, Intacct is a great place to be.

BB: What were some key highlights from the past few quarters or some things that particularly impressed you? Is there anything unique to Intacct that we offer sales team members?

WP: My team is always trying to hit and surpass quota. Last year, two representatives got the privilege to attend the Intacct President’s Club trip. This was unusual and a great honor, as most companies only offer this type of incentive trip to traditional sales associates. It made me incredibly proud to be able to send two team members that had worked so hard—though they really all do.

We’ve been incredibly aligned in our sales goals and key messages and the results have shown that. Intacct’s growth has been both fun and satisfying to watch.

Intacct also offers a program for juniors and seniors in college to give them a feel for what it’s like to work in sales at a technology company. These individuals are instrumental in helping with our research on target markets, opportunity creation, and specifically with our outbound team.

We have one particular team member that participated in the program for two years and upon graduation he was offered an inbound sales development role—he was promoted within just a few months. That’s a testament to how tremendous the program is and also to how hard he worked.

BB: How about some exciting things ahead?

WP: I’m incredibly excited to grow the team this year and even further increase our coverage. Right now we’ve got a well oiled machine running—we’re more efficient than ever, have fantastic connection rates, and provide the very best customer service.

And I would love to see more of my team earning the opportunity to go to President’s Club again! It’s a huge honor.

I also look forward to continually working on training programs and new offerings so that my team continues to increase their skills and be eligible for promotions. We’ve had multiple people promoted in the past year which has been fabulous to see. The sky’s the limit in what this team can do with their careers here at Intacct.

If you have questions for Wanda or want to learn more, be sure to leave a comment below so she can respond. Or if you’re interested in working at Intacct, check out our jobs page