When we asked 377 CFOs from around the world to predict what they imagined would happen in 2016, we spotted a trend: uncertainty. The takeaway? We live in highly unpredictable times and CFOs are responding accordingly.

Finance leaders are remaining agile through multiple scenario planning, enabling their organizations to rapidly respond to change and course correct as necessary. And they are embracing technology to model these potential changes, with an eye toward cloud-based technologies.

The statistics in this infographic, the third in a series of three, are sourced from our CFO Indicator Q1 2016 report, “Big Data, Better Vision: The Agile CFO.

External macroeconomic factors proved to be a major concern. A majority of respondents, 67%, said they were concerned about economic uncertainty in their region. And when asked how, during a contraction, CFOs could provide the most strategic value, 48% said planning for multiple scenarios could help reduce risk.

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