Nonprofits Select Intacct to Meet Unique Needs of Charitable Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are one of the fastest growing industry segments moving to Intacct. We are dedicated to helping these organizations fulfill their mission by providing cloud-based financial applications that support the unique needs of charitable institutions.

Intacct works with a full spectrum of leading nonprofit organizations, including: charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, charter schools, and faith-based organizations. Through Intacct’s best-in-class cloud accounting software, the nonprofits we work with are able save money, increase revenue, and improve operations. Instead of wasting time with work-arounds to outdated on-premises financial software, our nonprofit customers gain the increased efficiency and improved financial visibility of a modern cloud-based system.

Moving to Intacct brings a variety of benefits for nonprofit organizations. For example, we help them to:

  • Leverage efficiencies as they expand
  • Do more in less time by optimizing their finance resources
  • Ensure mission alignment through better visibility into programs and outcomes
  • Gain increased insight with powerful, multi-dimensional reporting

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